Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super Groovy Gig

Here's what I love about this photo:

  • The finish on the drums (can't tell if it's pink sparkle or champagne sparkle).
  • The drummer has dropped a stick.
  • The crash cymbal stand is very close to falling off the stage.
  • The drum rug is some early type of shag.
  • The singer's hair. (That'll show those uptight squares!)
  • There's another stage for another band. I wonder if they both jammed together at the end.
  • Somebody decided that wrapping the stages with burlap would look nice.
  • And of course, the big ass, bitchin' Kustom PA speaker.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Next Band

This is pretty indescribable. The slide guitar sounds like something I recorded in Ottumwa.

I Thought You Were Dead

I did this today while waiting for water putty to dry. Had to fill in the old hinge slots on the cabinet frame before I veneer it. Don "Snake" Prudhomme classic Army paint on a Lamborghini. OK, it's the wrong Snake for the quote.

Old Alfa Romeo

Getting a bit sideways on turn 1 at Circuit de la Sarthe. I tried to work the effects sliders to make this look like an old Kodachrome, but it looked much different on the TV.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Donnie Iris

I forgot about this song until we were driving back from Thanksgiving and heard it on satellite.

Schlitz Malt Liquor

Is this what the White House looks like now every night? Goddamn, that's goofy. Much goofier than anything you'd see on Hee Haw or anything like that.


Here's some guy with a giant set of Rogers, same vintage and finish as mine, although most of his are double–headed and the smallest look like power toms (which were just coming into vogue around then). Looks like he has some of those aluminum Rogers kick pedals like I had. Those were great. Home–built plywood cases—that looks familiar. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Stevie Vai

I TiVo'd a Steve Vai concert on Palladia (a great channel to watch HD music) and watched it the other night. It was just an hour's worth of a Blu–ray/DVD/CD he has out called Where the Wild Things Are (nothing to do with the book/movie), recorded in Minneapolis in 2007. What a powerhouse of talent he still is. All the technical wizardry humanly possible, and loads of feeling. He can convey emotion so much better than Clapton. I just don't get why so many guitarists think Clapton is god. He mostly bores me. This band had 2 keyboardists who also played violin, one of them an incredibly cute Asian chick. My oh my. That's the stuff right there. Although plenty talented, I didn't dig the drummer so much; all tattooed, shirtless, and fauxhawk.


If you race one of the stages from one of the great big tracks (Fuji, N├╝rburgring) against CPUs, the CPU cars will stop once they get past the end of the stage. For the helluvit, I turned around and went all the way around the track until I got back to the finish line where they were parked. I spent 15 minutes bashing into them. Sometimes one of them would drive a few feet down the track after I rammed them closer to the finish line. Hooray for technology. That's me up on my side against the guard rail. I opened the lens all the way to kinda get a tilt–shift thing going on.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alien Invasion

Here's an explanation for the freaky spiral in the sky over Norway.

Forza Stuff

Datsun beater. I just remembered that 101 was KKRQ, now KQCR. Gotta redo the bumper sticker. I wish they'd add flat paint.

Spotted this while watching a replay at Le Mans. I don't think I'd wanna lick that ice cream.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Are the Odds?

One of our tech support/testing guys in Peoria is a drummer. He sent me a little story about building a drum riser. He Googled and checked out the first hit. After a bit he recognized the url. It was my drum riser plans I'd put together years and years ago, apparently when the world was still black & white, before we got color.

He added a nice touch to the top surface; stick–on 1x1' carpet tiles. Mine was always bare plywood, which made it good for marking hardware positions with magic marker, and easier to clean when the bass player spilled beer on it.

Yes, Minnesota Has Dumbasses

Here's the goofball that threw tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing at the megamall. What a fuckin' dweeb. Throwing stuff at a woman—a woman who's not Anita Bryant—is just pitiful. And she's not even in office! Fucking political wackos can all go to hell.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NASA Nikon

It has big buttons like an old person's phone. Free shipping!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More New Tunes

Had practice today and worked up Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting and Holiday. Kinda of a weird combination, when you think about it. A gay man singing about fighting, and a punk band singing about not fighting. Or something.

Van Halen Paint

The NSX I was using was really boring in just white. I added some EVH paint to make it more interesting. When I went to upload the screenshots, I entered a description something like "Inspired by Eddie Van Halen's guitars." That phrase did not pass their no–naughty–words filter. WTF?

I love this course set up in a quaint old town on the coast of Italy or Greece or Sicily. Something like that. Cobblestone streets that are bumpy as hell. Lots of great curves, corners, and hills. The Mt. Fuji course is also a blast.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Planets Are Creepy

Ever wonder what a planet sounds like? Me neither. But it turns out it's a cool mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet (yeah, I own that), and Rush's 2112 and Cygnux X–1. NASA made recordings of the electromagnetic waves as Voyager flew by.

Speaking of Rush, Exit Stage Right was pretty good. The guitarist and bass player were both amazing. The keyboardist played everything exactly right and was really fun to watch. He loves himself some Rush. The drummer did a pretty good job, but—no pun intended here—rushed the hell out of a lot of stuff and lost his place a bunch of times. They don't play live much, so it could be nerves. He looked kinda like a skinny John C. Reilly. I only stayed for about 4 Zed Leppelin songs, not being a big fan. They were also really good. Much tighter than ESR, but then they play a lot I guess. They do the Led Zeppelin persona thing—wigs and stuff. I think that's kinda lame. Just play the fucking music. The drummer had the same amazing right foot that Bonham had, did those flurry of quick doubles in Good Times Bad Times that you can hear in the beginning of the iTunes clip. Wish my foot could do that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sewing Machine

So that's how it works! It took me a few seconds once the animation started running to figure out it was a sewing machine (yeah, I didn't see the title). I never wanted to devote the brain cells to figuring out how they worked their magic because I was sure it involved worm holes and voodoo. What's amazing is how fast some sewing machines can run and still do that without getting all fucked up or breaking the thread. Ever see industrial ones run? Sounds like a minigun sawing an Iraqi hut in half.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


There was a card that came in the Forza 3 case for getting a free bonus pack of cars and tracks. 10 cool vintage cars, including a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (always liked those better than the roadster), Charger Daytona, and '67 Miura that is a blast to drive, as is the little '65 Alfa. It also has 2 tracks with multiple courses at each one. The one is a huge concrete test track. It has about a dozen different configs. Some of them go through some old warehouses. You could probably do one of those videos if you were good. Much like that Ken Block video, there's a helipad. I thought I could drive over it and run into the helicopter. Nope. There's a 6" curb that's a bitch when yer doin' about 80 in a Vantage. Why she's no fun. She fell right over.

I Won a Veyron!

Sadly, I can't touch it. It exists only as 1s and 0s. I also can't paint the 2nd color (the red area). Slight bug in their car painting editor that you can't change the 2nd color of a 2–tone paint job. But I made the best of it and added the trippy purple wingy stuff. Sick? You bet. And it goes like bat shit. Sure, ya gotta start braking half a mile out. After upgrading parts to just a couple points below R2, I used it in an R3 race in New York (the old track with long straights) and lapped every car before the end of the 12th lap.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Badass Frogmobile

I love the Citroën DS, so it's no wonder I dig this off–road version. It actually looks like it should've been born that way. Nice job on widening the hips to make room for the big meats.

Bohemian Muppets

This Muppet video version of Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty good. Could done without Miss Piggy though. She's such a pig. Ha. I never realized both the guitarist and bass player were left handed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

Kim got me the album for my birthday. It kicks ass all sorts of ways. Lots of neat experimentation with moving the beat around while other instruments carry on. I used to hate Dave Grohl, but I'm digging the drum parts he comes up with. You can definitely hear John Paul Jones' Led Zeppelin influence in some of the stuff, like Elephants and Scumbag Blues. And Josh is all over everything. Yay for that. He makes cool sounds. Go listen. Now, you bastard!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage KISS

A bunch of neat photos, including a live Wicked Lester. Check the flowers on Peter's rack tom.

Friday, November 27, 2009


This would've changed everything. AMC would probably still be around if the AMX/3 hadn't've been killed. I've seen a couple pictures of it before, but never knew it's story. Damned good lookin' car—has a bit of a Miura profile up front. Who knows, maybe I could've been driving a modern AMC right now. Well, not right this second—that'd be dangerous.

Paul Newman Smashes Donkey Kong Record!

Ha ha ha! Eat it, Greg! Ha ha! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Steve McQueen Almost Beat Mario

Fucking amazing. The team of Steve McQueen and Peter Revson almost beat Mario Andretti in the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring race. That would've been cool. Oh, and Steve had a broken foot in a cast while he raced. Some fantastic photos there. Loving that guy's blog.

Keith Moon

Here's a neat article about Keith, including a great photo of his groovy drums, 2nd picture from the top. I like the 2 arms connecting the 2 bass drums to help keep them in place, and I'm sure he needed all the help he could.

Great T–shirts

T–shirts with stuff on them have always been my favorite form of dress and personal expression. I think my favorite of those is the "Who the fuck's Mick Jagger" shirt. The Nugent/Denver one is pretty good too.

I just found that blog, but will be checking out much, much more of it. It looks really good and is full of shit I like to look at.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cherry Wainer and Don Storer

Here are two people I've never heard of; two people that make some really tasty sounds. And she has some fantastic arms. I bet the rest of her was also nice and toned. I like their version of Brubeck's Take Five, where Don shows his chops. Some of the videos have shots her her feet, also getting a great workout on the pedals. What a feisty little number she was. I dig her matching Leslies and Hammond with what looks like pearl laminate, perhaps from a drum company.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shooting Star

I wonder why I never heard a Shooting Star song. I remember reading their name in, probably, Creem and stuff. Andy mentioned them tonight when he and Kim & I went out for supper. Kind of a neat mix of Kansas (they're from Kansas City), Bad Company, Triumph, and a little early Journey. I dug it enough to buy their 2nd album and a few tracks off the 1st.

Very interesting drum sounds. The toms are very period perfect; single–headed, medium–loose tension, sounds like plain ol' Ambassadors, maybe a bit of tape to control some ring in the studio. I've grown to dig that sound. It's kinda sucky, but a good kinda sucky, like the way a little ol' underpowered tube amp will break up when you push it too hard.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Rights

Cripes. After telling somebody about the Gumby vs. Killdozer movie Brent and I made, I went through all the trouble of ripping the DVD (thanks Brent) with Handbrake and uploading it to YouTube. I'd done a director's cut in iMovie HD and added new video and audio f/x, along with closing credits and music (theme from S.W.A.T.). After it finally got uploaded to YouTube I checked it out and found that they'd disabled the audio because it contained audio that was unlicensed. I simply cannot stand music licensing bullshit. So, I'm uploading it elsewhere. But it's amazing that YouTube's servers contain algorithms that look through every movie that gets uploaded and compares it with all the known licensed songs in the world. Must be the same algorithm that the Shazam iPhone app uses to recognize a short clip of a song.

Death Bimmer

One of my favorite models I built was Rommel's Rod. I was awarded this BMW in Forza 3 and wondered what Rommel would use today for zipping along the Autobahn. I took the photo and named it Naziwagon, then went to upload it. Sorry, "nazi" must be a naughty word cuz it didn't get through their lame profanity filter. What the fuck? Do they also think "Jew" is a derogatory term? What about "Mexican"? So I named it phonetically, Notsi Wagon. Take that you bastards.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modern Superbird

Here's an interesting modification of a new Challenger to make it sorta like an old Daytona/Superbird. I like it lots, except for the stupid smiling opening in the bottom half of the nose cone. Makes it look like some gay ass Mazda or some other Jap car that runs on unicorn farts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Tunes

We worked up Everybody Wants You by Billy Squire and Fox on the Run by Sweet today. Nobody can sing as high as that guy in Sweet, so Emily's doing those notes with a nice sawtooth wave, which is the same as the rest of the synth parts. They'll be welcome replacements for some of the really old shit in our song list.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sims 3

Woohoo! Another time sink. As if Sims 2 wasn't enough, now there's even more stuff for your Sims to do in their day–to–day lives. They can go fishing, play guitar (♫Forget all about that macho shit, and learn how to play guitar♫), send the fish they catch away to have them mounted (I have a minnow on my wall), plant seeds and tend the plants, all sorts of shit.

Squirrel Lamp

I was saying to Kim just the other day—I swear to god it was just the other day—we don't have nearly enough squirrel lamps around the house. If only they weren't so danged expensive. If only there were some way to produce them ourselves… like as a hobby in the evenings, when I'm tired from doing business all day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Gig

That was a lot of fun. Seems to be a bar that has lots of regulars, sorta neighborhoody. Played my ass off. It was hot in there. Had to put my fan on medium. That's how I know it's hot. Kim & I and Emily did Perkins afterward. Had 12 pancakes, 12 omelets, 12 cups of coffee, 12 waitresses. Not really, but 1 person will get that. Got to bed at 4:30. Woke at 7:30. Fuck, I hate that. Had a short nap at some point during the laying–around–watching–TV–all–day. I did manage to make my way out to the garage and drove to Famous Dave's for a couple pork sammiches for supper. Good meat. The problem with that place though, is that they felt the need to make everything hot. The mac & cheese has jalape├▒o. Why?? I don't consider sweating and having my nose run an enjoyable meal.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Forza Motorsport 3

Wheeee! This rocks.

Sideways in a Ram SRT–10.

Tried driving a dumb NASCAR car. Oh no! Curves! Promptly got upside down. Worthless car. But I did notice these wires and connector. So much detail in the cockpits:

The end of the long New York back straight comes up a lot quicker when you're in a Veyron. Somebody give me a push.

All-Night Movies, Some Easy Conversation

This waterbed warehouse commercial is a weird mix of '70s porn, mellow hippy laid backishness, and a little creepy sex offender. I'm not sure if he's trying to offer great deals to single women or to bait them into his store late at night.

Crappy Tech Support

We use VISE X to build our installers. VISE X was supposedly a total rewrite from the old Installer Vise that had been around for ages. Well, it really wasn't a rewrite, because the same odd UI bugs are still in it. Anyhoo, I reported a bug to them again about it not being able to remove all the compressed data from the project file. Rather than asking for the project file and saying they'd look into it to see exactly why the command was failing, they just said that nobody else has ever reported it, and then added his opinion that I should export the project to their xml format, and that we should not store the project in source control, but store the xml file instead. Bwuh?! That would mean I'd need to import the xml into a new project each time I built an installer. And you can't go through the normal open/save/close channels with the xml files, since those only support the project document. What the fuck kind of user friendliness is that?

I've never had such crappy tech support from a company that should be savvy to the way developers work. After all, developers of software are the people who buy their installer makers. I also suggest that they stop storing the compressed data (it compresses all the data that goes in the installer, like our app and its support files) in the project file. They should store it in an external file, must like the way any compiler does. The compressed data should not be part of the project, it's only part of the final product. It's ephemeral. He said they could not easily do that to solve my problem. Well of course they can't do it real quick like, but they should do it for a future major release. Maybe one where they fix all the stupid UI bugs and really old looking UIs.

Nothing pisses me off more than tech support that argues, fails to offer any real help, and gives his opinion on how I should be using their product.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Latest

Picked up Cheap Trick's The Latest last night. Just about done with the first listen, and man, did they pick a sucky mastering engineer. It's way too compressed. Makes them sound like some no–talent pop act. To make sure I wasn't nuts, I opened it in Cacophony to look at the waveform and yup, it's mostly black—very few valleys. That's too bad. There are some great songs on it, but the overall sound is crappy. Track 2, When the Lights are Out, even has some weird synth that plays along with the lead licks that makes it sounds like there are heavy digital compression artifacts, as if they recorded it, converted it to some really low bit rate mp3, and put that on the record. It almost hurts my ears.

The good news is that the new Wolfmother album is fan–fucking–tastic! I also got a new Drive-by Truckers release called The Fine Print, which is a collection of rare stuff. And 2 older Rammstein albums that I didn't have and the brand new one. Haven't spun those yet. Heh, iTunes didn't even use the non–porno version of the album cover.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Forza Motorsport 3

Woohoo! I forgot about the release date. Ran to Best Buy to get it tonight. Fuckin' cool! I thought in cockpit view would be hard to drive, but it's very lifelike (sorta) after you get used to it. The new tracks are amazing, and a nice choice a new cars, although I still wish they'd put in some old Chaparrals and stuff like that. Driving the trucks is novel, but old CanAm cars woulda been much better. Even the 917 car from hell instead of so many variations of the 911. The physics engine seems much better. The cars don't seem to get butt–loose on a whim, easier to steer with the throttle when getting a little sideways around a curve. Taking the Bugatti Veyron out on the Le Mans track is amazing. On the long straight, you quickly hit 200mph (and you get an award thingy for that) and around 240 by the end of it. I know what I'll be doing this week.

In the Navy

Join the Navy. Be a dork with a cheesy mustache and a cool boat. I dig hydrofoils.

Well, Can You?

One of my favorite ad campaigns were these from Camel. This is from Cycle magazine, February 1975. I always like it when they have a small outline "key" illustration for a larger photo, so you can match up the people. That's good readin'!

Gerbil Vest?

More people should take their gerbils with them, and I don't mean like Richard Gere.

Monday, November 2, 2009

That's Service!

Can you imagine getting poolside TV repair service these days? I couldn't even get BP to credit me for the $29 late fee they charged me. Fuckers. Idiots. Who do they think they are, record company executives? I'm never late with a payment, but this one sat on my desk a little too long, got sent the day before they "late date". Oh, plus they tacked on the finance charges that I normally never have to pay because I always pay the full amount on all my accounts.

Looks like the part of the N. Kostner Ave. where that was delivered to is no longer a street.

Brides of Blood

This movie must've been so horrible, that the guy who made it decided to draw up his own hand–made posters and give away engagement ring sets. Must've had his 9–year old daughter help him with the lettering (see "starring") .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ethernet Woes

The Mac mini in the stereo cabinet seems slow to make initial connections. Like if we go to a web page, it'll take 5 seconds or more before it starts loading anything. Streaming videos can sometimes be slow too. It's connected via Ethernet (along with a couple other components) to a switch that's connected to an AirPort Express. I felt the urge to connect the whole mess directly to the main router via Ethernet instead of having the AirPort in between there, which slows things down as packets are received and re–sent. And I wanted to replace all the CAT5 cabling in the house with CAT6 to help achieve the 1000baseT speeds that all my Macs and hardware is capable of using. So I went to Microcenter to get some cable. They don't seem to sell any raw cable, so I had to buy a 50' cable with ends on it. I cut off a hunk to go from the router to where the Ethernet jack is in the den. When going to wire a new end on, I noticed that the order was different than CAT5 cables. WTF? I assume that as long as the wires come out the same on each end, it shouldn't matter. I'd wired the jack like a CAT5 cable, so I had to make sure I wired the other end the same once I got it out through the wall in the family room.

Getting it there was another matter entirely. Luckily the holes I drilled through the bottom plate from the basement were big enough to get the cable through, but getting it up and into the box was turning into an ordeal. I worked for an hour from the top and the bottom with fish tape and different wires trying to hit the hole I couldn't see. I finally said fuck this and bought myself a new tool. I hadn't bought a tool in quite some time. I got that Milwaukee inspection camera I drooled over when I first saw it. That helped a bunch, although I thought it was supposed to include little hook and magnet attachments you could put on the end to retrieve things, but it didn't. It came with a 12V driver though. What, are cordless drivers so commonplace these days that you get one with everything? I ended up wrapping a piece of #12 wire around the snake, extending about 1" beyond the tip, then was able to guide that up through the hole in the box.

The other thing that bugged me is that the image you see onscreen is flipped vertically (or maybe rotated 180°, and I don't see a way to flip it right side up. I don't get that at all. Who the fuck can think upside down when it comes to moving a camera? Gotta hit the forums and see if there's a hidden setting.

And after all that, my fucking wiring job didn't work. The cable that I ran through the house is able to work in one direction (if I hook it up so it sends from the family room end), but it doesn't work at all when hooked up as planned. No green lights on the switch or anything. Arg. So I just went back to the AirPort way. At least I got a cool new tool out of the all–day job.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The White James Brown

I find this guy's voice pretty annoying. He can slide his feet around neat. I like how he has dual double–bass drummers, but all they do is play that straight, super boring beat in unison. I also wish the "audience" would get run over by a steam roller. Those have to be paid performers—they're just so hokey.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dyson Bladeless Fan

Whoa. Dyson does it again with this super geeky fan. I wonder how loud it is. Good if you have dumb babies around that like to stick their faces and appendages into things (which is pretty much all of them, right?).

America's Downfall

Ugly plastic shoes and blankets you wear like a robe. They go together like puke and snot (and I don't mean the comedy team that I never saw, but seem pretty funny, because there's no way you could get me to the Reneaisisananeance Festival).

The Ladyboy

How to Find a Masculine Halloween Costume for Your Effeminate Son. The Onion hits another one out of the park, into the next county, across the ocean, and around the moon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pork Chops & Applesauce Brains

This totally pretty and non–insane lady went nuts when her kids ate the last pork chop. The little bastards.

And speaking of totally pretty and non–insane ladies, is Amy Winehouse still alive? How can that be? Why? Perhaps her new tits are really hiding alien beings that are using her body to conquer the world.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reverse Trikes

I've seen a couple of these Spyder 3–wheeled trikes on the road over the past few months. One was just pulling out of a farm that's right on 163 between Des Moines and Pella, or thereabouts. I didn't know they were made by Can–Am, or that Can–Am even existed any more. I remember they at least made kick–ass motocross motorcycles back in the '70s.

Mork Radio

Rectangular radios without TV characters in them are lame. That's why we all need one of these.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crystal Clear Electricity

Now that you've had adamantium cables run directly to your house from the 20x20 mile wide solar panel array you've installed on Mercury, you'll need new outlets that are rated for "audio grade". That's right. Ordinary outlets filter out Paiste ride cymbals and guitar solos played in cafeterias. Good thing you can spend $147 on a better one.

Be sure to read the customer reviews. Really.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Creative Marble Sculptures

Whoa, these marble sculptures are pretty cool. I like the 2 interlocked tires and the skull that looks like styrofoam.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Always January

We love Mad Men on AMC. If you don't watch it, maybe you just need some enticement. This is January Jones, who plays Betty Draper. She's so Nordic and hot. Plus, the show is so good.

We're All Cells

If you have about 20 minutes to kill, here's a fascinating film called Organism shot in 1975 by Hilary Harris. It shows NYC in time lapse, the people, the traffic, the boats and air traffic, and equates it to the way organisms move (hence the name). I also love the mesmerizing music. Lots of groovy vintage synth sounds played to great effect. I watched it in sections throughout the day while waiting for builds or email replies.

16G Still Not Enough

Turns out 16G of RAM still isn't enough. I just had a short swapping session going on while building Creator, while it was compiling some of the hairy C++ files that use heaps of template shit. Xcode 3.2 seems to use up more as time goes on, so if you've been building throughout the day, it's gonna use a bit more each time. Maybe it's not cleaning up after itself like it should. I guess I'll get in the habit of quitting Xcode a few times a day if it's gonna be this way about it. It's still a metric shitload better than Microsoft's lame excuse for a development environment, Visual Studio. That shit's just gross and should be put out of its misery.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Computer Sex

This is how somebody started a message to the Creator list. I don't see what he's so bummed out about.
My Mac went down on me yesterday, Bummer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ISO 102,400!!

Nikon's new D3s has some serious light sucking capabilities. My D70 goes up to 1600, same as the Fuji film I used to use. So to even fathom ISO 6400 or 102,400 is, like, hard. But the shots are beautiful and noise–free at the lower–yet–still–ridiculously–high ISOs.


We recently switched from Xcode 2.5 to 3.2. 3.0 and 3.1 sucked for large projects that used source control. They finally made it less sucky in 3.2 and fixed a bunch of other things that prevented me from wanting to go beyond 2.5. We're now also using gcc 4.2. And because of that and probably changes made in Xcode, each compiler thread now needs about half a gig of RAM. So with 16 threads compiling on my 8G Mac Pro, it quickly goes into a swapping frenzy and grinds the hard drive, bringing the entire machine to a near halt. Even simple things like clocks and Activity Monitor's CPU history icon cease moving. And 8G is still a lot of memory for a modern computer. So I bit the goddamn bullet and ordered another 8G for it. If that doesn't make it happy, I'll try painting a smiling face on its big aluminum side.

Whoa, Black Betty.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Timeless Chicken

A couple summers ago we were up in Two Harbors, just northeast of Duluth. I saw a big chicken that I just had to take a picture of. I just now saw it again on Square America, but that picture was taken in the '60s. I verified it's the same chicken because the building behind it looks the same. Even the pine tree in the back is still there, but much less full these days.

There was also this random shot of a dragster. And this bar scene where some guys took their kids along, were done up in blackface, and having one hell of a good time. Cracks me up. Ah, here's the rest of that rail. These are all in a gallery of shots mostly orphaned from the rest of their original set. I just love that site.

Magic Mouse

Apple has a new mouse that combines a multi–touch trackpad with a mouse. It doesn't do much that you can't already do with a 4–button scrollwheel mouse (although it can do horizontal scrolling without having to reach for the shift key if you don't have a Mighty Mouse). It's just sleeker. It's so flat; I wonder if that is worse on the hand and wrist. At least it no longer has those horrible side squeeze buttons like the Mighty Mouse has. Those would inevitably fire off that function if you were lifting the mouse while playing a frenzied game or something like that. And no more gunk in the tiny Mighty Mouse scrollball, although I never use mine enough to get any build–up (it's on the old G5 to my right here that only gets fired up when I need to debug on 10.4 or PPC, or to archive my MultiAd mail).

The Glory Hole

No, not that kind of glory hole. When I was on the phone with the Apple support guy for Kim's iPhone problem, we were talking about The Glory Hole, a huge pipe that's the spillway for a dam in NoCal. Here's a video of it being skated.

Luxo Jr., Murderer

Most people can recognize Luxo Jr., the Pixar lamp, by now. Fewer have seen its origin, the first project from John Lasseter at Pixar. Now see the terrifying truth behind the life and death of the squeaky little fella.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Who

We're kicking around the idea of doing Won't Get Fooled Again. Since the organ part is so important, I've been looking for MIDI files of the song that I'll use in my drum brain to play it. I'll have to bring some headphones and play to a click. Haven't done that live since The Dial Tones. I think the hardest part would be making sure the guitar solo is always the correct length. I haven't listened to see if it's already a nice division of 4 or not.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fiddlin' Around

Kim's wanted a violin for as long as I've known her. She's always wanted to dink around on one to see what it's like to play. Me too. So we found a cheap used one at Music Go Round today. A Karl Knilling from Germany. Actually, it's a 12" viola, so I think the size is more akin to a violin, but its sound must be warmer like a viola. I dunno. Man, the notes are really close together on that little fingerboard. Now I see why it takes so much patience and commitment to play bowed instruments. There's so much going on.

We were looking at everything else they had and wandered into the acoustic guitar room. I've been wanting one the past few months. I ended up not liking the classical guitar I got a few years ago as much as I thought I would. I always used to like playing on them, but now I'd rather have the steel string sound. So I ended up getting a used Ibanez they had there. I just wanted something cheapish and nothing fancy, although this one has lots of perks, like the electronics and built–in tuner.

Went over and helped Geoff fix their invisible fence today, which got broken when they had some yard work done. He found the 2 places where he knew the tracks of the Bobcat excavator ripped up the ground. We fixed the breaks in the wire there, but that didn't fix it. He also had a new driveway put in and was hoping it wasn't broken under there. For the helluvit, I suggested we just tug on the wires that we fixed and see if any of them pulled out. Luckily, that did the trick. The final break was only about a foot from one of the others. Yeeha!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Music

We ate at Smashburger tonight, cuz I was craving some extremely good beef. Then we stopped over at Down in the Valley. I picked up a live Steve Vai album recorded almost exactly 2 years ago at the State Theater in Minneapolis. I was looking for Cheap Trick's Special One album, which they didn't have, but they did have Sgt. Pepper Live. Yup, they performed the entire album with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra on the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' album—2 shows. Last, but certainly not least is Apocalyptica's Worlds Collide album. That one's in the cans right now. Just finished Helden with Till Lindemann from Rammstein on vocals. It's a German version of Bowie's Heros. Go listen to that sample, and remember that it's all cellos, although there is a guitar somewhere on that track.

Speaking of Rammstein, the new album is almost out—just 3 days to go. 2 tracks on the iTunes Store already. The video for the song named Pussy has been out for a while, and you should only check that out at home when nobody else is around that. You might want to close your eyes too. It's porn. I don't know how much of it is studio trickery, like I'm pretty sure Flake, the geeky keyboardist, doesn't have tits.

Animal Lover

Sounds like this kid loves his imaginary dog a little too much. The first panel I saw was so weird that I had to read the rest (about a third of the way down).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow Beetle

What looks kinda like a Volkswagon that had sex with a Cessna, has skis, a big propeller, and a giant cutter from a pencil sharpener? Why, it's this weird Russian thing. There are a few movies down in the comments that are much better than the lame one they put in the post. It moved along just fine, as long as the ground was perfectly flat and had just the right kind of snow packed on it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Microsoft Sucks; Reason 17,492,039,845

I've been working on changing how we draw text selections on Windows. I had a bunch of source windows open, trying to keep track of where stuff is. Windows decides it has an update (Really? A Windows update?). Every few minutes it would pop up an annoying window telling me that I should restart to apply the update, or wait and do it later. I guess "do it later" really means "keep annoying me every 5 minutes with your stupid window, and if I don't reply to your stupid window, go ahead and restart anyway because Bill Gates knows what's best for me." So while I'm in the kitchen heating up lunch, the fucker decided that—right in the middle of a build—my work is not very important, so it restarted. Thanks, you stupid fuckers. You couldn't design an OS if your life depended on it. Go away. Go work in a ditch. That's really all you can handle. And in the case of Steve Balmer, even that would be too much for him. He should be working at a zoo, flinging his poop at people. That's about his speed, and he already looks the part, the freak.

More Idiots with Guns

What a bunch of pussies. And not one bullet found a target. I guess it's hard to aim when you're concentrating on holding your pants up around your knees.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Gig

Door's locked—no car chase.

So I was on my way up to Champlin for out gig last night. I was left plenty early to make sure I made it through rush hour traffic, so we could set up at 7 or earlier. Kim called before I got there and relayed a message that we couldn't set up until 7:30 because of the dinner customers. Fuck. The guy who hired us said we could set up at 7. So I got there and checked out the place, since we'd never been there before. The hostess showed me a tiny space they'd cleared out by removing a table or two. There was one outlet. I had no idea where Denny would be able to set up the board. Everybody else showed up later and we went in. They kept seating people at the tables up near the "stage", tables they said they move so we'd have more room. 7:30 rolled around and we asked if we could load in yet. Nope, but as soon as the people at that front table leave we could. That's what the little old Italian lady who's part owner said. 8 comes and goes and we say fuck it and leave. I don't know what the hell they're thinking having music there. It's a really nice looking place with good smelling food. But it's a restaurant, not a live music bar.

So we went down to Mainstreet B&G in Hopkins and saw a good band called The Pearl (whoa, their site really sucks). Chick bass player who also played a near little electric fiddle. Really good and a dynamite stage presence. She played the fiddle on The Devil Went Down to Georgia and Kashmir, which fucking rocked. They also surprised me by playing a Tool song. Nice! The lead guitarist was really good, especially when playing metal type stuff—played Les Pauls through a Mesa Boogie Rect–O–Verb. It was snowing when we left. Not much stuck, but things were a bit white this morning.

I unloaded the truck today. It was still mostly loaded from the weekend before. Drained the hoses. Was going to bring in the rain gauge, but it was already broken from the water in it freezing. The previous one broke when it hailed. Tried to find other things to do outside. It was nice and blustery and it was fun to be out trompin' around in my work boots. Got some chicken breasts and other stuff at Byerly's so we could make that chicken wild rice soup mix that we got at the apple place a while back. Damn, that was good. Nice and herby. We ate 2 servings, refrigerated 2.5, and froze 4. Root beer floats for dessert.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Did You Sniff Glue in '72?

They must've been sniffing something. Just look at these ads from the October 1972 issue of Cycle. I'm pretty sure the bellbottoms on the left chick would be instant chain food on a bike, just as the pants on the guy inspire an instant ass–whooping.

This looks more like a stock Getty image of 2 people getting high in a field.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Suzuki Rotary

I grabbed a small stack of my old Cycle magazines when I was in Keota. Why she threw out all the car magazines and kept these Cycles is beyond me. I much rather'd had those. Still, there's some cool shit in these. Like this Suzuki with a Wankel. I don't remember that. Looks like this bitch got plenty hot, judging by the size of the radiator.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where It All Began

Decided to gather the various Black Diemond photo scans I have into iPhoto, and published it for all our screaming fans to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Division of Sex

Boys can be President. Girls can be Miss America. It says so right here!

Fat Minibike–Riding Twins

Coop hits one out of the park. Damned good read about what we used to have and what there is now. If you remember the fat minibike–riding twins, Evel Knievel, and Jungle Pam's gigantic hooters, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Italian Horror Art

Whoa. This is some cool shit—a Flickr set of old Italian horror comic covers. NSFW if paintings of tits is against office policy. Some of it is kinda dopey, but a lot of it is pretty intense, almost equalling Basil Gogos. And just when you think you've gotten to a series of comparatively lame and safe covers, they go and blow your mind with some really twisted characters, like this one.

Monday, October 5, 2009


We watched Doubt last night. Whoa. Meryl Streep once again shows that she can kick ass, here as the principal of a NY catholic school in 1964. From her first line (which I think was "ssstraighten up!") you fear her. Kinda of a mix of the "penguin" from The Blues Brothers and R. Lee Ermey. Those of you who went to catholic school can probably relate more than I can. I only went to church when Mom dragged me there, and I did the catechism thing. Just enough to get a feel for the place. The subject and plot are pretty heavy, but there are still many moments that made me laugh, mainly because Meryl is so good at being a nun. I really liked the movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams (still cute under the heavy habit) were also very good.


I'm sorry, but they spell it with a 'z'. It's a nice bar way the hell out in Rockford where we played Saturday. It's one of those places that's split into 2 rooms; one has the bar, TVs, and games, the other has the stage. So, those regulars that don't want to go into the other room and appreciate live music won't. We sure won't get any of our friends or fans out there—way too far to drive. Not a lot of people there either. Really nice people working there though. The sound guy works at the place where we buy our PA and lighting gear. My biggest complaint; no chips! I was starving after the 2nd set. The best they could get me was a basket of tortilla chips. I put some salt on 'em for flavor. They have a green room in the basement. We hung there a little, but it's not like we were being trampled by crazed fans upstairs. We did sign the wall. I drew a sucky looking Martian. Shit, shoulda took a picture.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Keota Kids

Cross Country Team in the Keota Eagle. Heh, could the White kid look any more like Rodney? But who's the bald rapper, Cody Uphold?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lancia Delta S4 = Screaming Satan Batshit Fast

Here's a neat little segment on the history of Lancia in rally racing. Listen carefully to what they say about the Delta S4. My god. It's full of stars.

The Tony Randall Show

I have a faint memory of this show. Maybe if I could see more episodes… They only made 2 seasons. I thought it was pretty funny. It's not hard to be funny when the star is Tony Randall. His line that comes at about 27:20 is classic Tony Randall. Note his girlfriend judge is the ever–annoying Doctor Pulaski from Star Trek, the one who always mispronounced "Data" as "Datta". The court reporter is a funny guy—played Ralph "you have my permission to marry him" Marolla in Arthur.

It was captured off of 16mm film, which is why it looks like that. It also has a bunch of commercials from that period that are fun to see. "Take the Certs breath test," Wilkinson Sword, and Aviance perfume? Those awoke some brain cells that haven't been active for a while.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Music Never Rusts

Metal audio conductors weren't good enough. Thankfully, we can now use liquid wires. I suppose now the audiophiles will be keeping their listening rooms temperature controlled as well, because there's probably some optimal temperature at which the liquid conducts electricity and sounds warmest. The good news is that as soon as their dog chews through the insulation, the conductor will leak out and the whole thing will be useless. They'll probably also sell more of those little stands that hold the wires up off the floor (ya know, because the vibrations in the floor might jostle the electrons in the wires and the whole thing would sound like shit then), because they'll need to keep the liquid even distributed. Don't want too much flowing down to one end and causing a pressure buildup. I'm sure that would make cymbals less shimmery, violins too smokey, and French horns too bitter.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Original Sin

Shit, these guys were so good. Still are, but without Michael, it just ain't the same. Be sure to stick around for the little drum solo near the end. He just nails it. I wish there were videos of other live performances of other songs from The Swing. Showtime needs to release their Rock of the '80s concert series on disc. INXS did a killer show on one of those. Got it on VHS in the basement.

Holy shit! Here's the Showtime concert!! And it's my favorite song from that album. I hope this person has more of it, because it sounds much better than my tape ever did.

Undumb Inventions

Since when did Life magazine become reborn as something written by 14–year old boys who spend all their time online? That's what I gathered while reading the captions for these photos of what they call dumb inventions. On the contrary, many of them are incredibly smart inventions, some are just poorly executed or waiting for the technology to catch up with their inspiration, like the jet pack and personal flying wing. I also see nothing wrong with the baby cage. It's not like it has an auto–release "open cage floor" lever right within baby's reach. They were very popular in cities. But the picture of the dog restrainer nearly made me hofert my pop all over the desk. It's the perfect storm of photographic elements; the odd position of the dog, the cartoon–like restrainer, and the lady's mannish, pleased face.

Monday, September 28, 2009

iPhones and Evel Knievel

Kim's iPhone has stopped listening. I think the mic got disconnected. I called Apple Care while we were at her Mom's house and talked to a nice American guy in CA. He spoke English and everything. Wow! Anyhoo, while waiting for the ancient UFO iMac to backup the iPhone we got to talking about CA and stuff, which led to skateboards and then BMX. He found a BMX museum site. I checked it out today and found some photos of the Huffy Even Knievel bike. Wow. Cheese, crap, and cool all rolled into one bike. Huffy made other ridiculous shit like this one.

(Update: Just got back from the Apple Store with a brand new replacement iPhone. No waiting for 17 months while it gets sent in to be repaired—they just give you a new one. Man I love Apple.)

I always wanted a Mongoose or a Haro, even a Redline maybe. All I ever had was a Schwinn SX2000 that Chris Lillig and I bought together. I think it was a heavier frame, with only the chain stays being chromoly.

I just scanned some old photos we took with my parents' Kodak 110 Instamatic, which explains the strap blocking most of 2 shots. That shoot must've been a couple years later, because Chris had his own bike with some heavy as aluminum wheels. We were out taking action shots, then tried to take some trick shots that made it look like we were amazing BMX riders. My parents' Ambassador is in the background of one shot. That's the first time I've seen that in decades.

There were some other photos in the sleeve. Here's Leo and me chatting up some chick in the Ozarks. I think her name was Janet. She had big tits. I think she was mine and Leo got her cute sister. I think this would've been the Summer before our junior or senior year maybe, so '80 or '81? I see my Pepsi and Carrera sunglasses on the table. Leo has a pack of smokes.

Here's another long exposure I made of my drums back then, probably trying to emulate the shot of Neil Peart on the back of Moving Pictures (or maybe it's on the inside sleeve?). There's an Evel Knievel figure wearing a G.I. Joe fire suit between the front two toms. The black cabinet to the right would later become my car stereo. The Primo mic is on the ride cymbal. Remember that thing with the weird cable? You can almost make out the bottom edge of my stainless steel steam table pot "cow bell" in front of the floor tom. Oooooo! Against the wall on the right is a green styrofoam thing that was from my brother's N gauge train track. I used that to drive my Matchbox and Hot Wheels around on. It had parking lots, houses, mountains, even a lake. Goddamn I loved that thing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windy as Hell

Had a nice visit in Des Moines. Got back, unloaded the car, very cold and windy, just about to start putting stuff away and Kim says "a shingle just blew off the roof". I went out to see whose it was, and it was ours. The first thing I checked was my possibly iffy work on the addition, but it was all good. Went around to the front of the house and there it was, way up on top. A couple we blown up and sorta stuck perpendicular to the roof.

I put on some warm clothes and put the ladder up, tying it on to the front porch with a big rope. Went to load up the tool belt with roofing nails, but only had really short ones. Got a bunch of longer ones from Geoff. Went up, didn't get blown off, and drove a bunch through what shingles I could get to without ripping more through the nails. Then I noticed that a lot of the shingles—including many that weren't affected by the blowout—were loose at the bottom edge, rather than stuck down like they should be. It's like the tar strip never melted into the next layer of shingles. The previous owners had it done in the Spring, so it's not like it was too cold, and it's had plenty of time to get all melty. Probably just a bad batch of shingles. I knew I had an old tube of roofing adhesive in the shop. Yup, but it was old and not squirtable. Luckily I also had an unopened tube. I loaded it up int he caulking gun and went to work, sticking down every loose shingle I could find until I emptied the tube.

Later on I sat down to relax and the news happened to be on. 52mph gusts in the Twin Cities they said. Hell.

Now I've got one lonesome cat that sure is happy to see me. Zappa is such a Daddy's boy. Squiggy is just sort of generally glad to see us, but Zappa is laying on the desk, being a hinderance to my typing speed and comfort.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where Were You in '62?

Sadly, I wasn't at this party. That basement is so fucking amazing; the panelling, floor tiles, and couch cover look great. Look at the women all in dresses—flattering dresses. That's hot. The dog looks bored though.

On the Road Again

We're gonna visit Kim's Mom this weekend. It's all cloudy and rainy up here, but looks like it might be clearing up in Iowa. There's a huge rotating system centered over Nebraska. Go look at the Weather Channel's interactive animating map this morning. I'd prefer it sunny and not raining while we're driving.

Goddamnit. Now I have the Willy Nelson song in my head. I've come to the conclusion that I can't stand listening to Willy Nelson. Too many fried brain cells do not make for an enthralling master performance on the guitar or from his badly timed, warbling singing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

LittleDog and BigDog

If you have seen these amazing robots yet, then get to clicking. I like how the real dog is a bit pissed off at LittleDog. In the BigDog link, he's right; I did feel sorry for it when the guy kicked him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GoW Lancer

Remember dreaming of how cool it would be if you could have a machine gun with a chainsaw on it? Well just stop whining and buy this life–size Lancer, just one of the fun weapons in Gears of War.

What Is This?

Psycho chick or just another man–boobed rapper dumbass? You decide.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sea Monster

Holy shit, this is one cool looking deep sea diving suit. Very H.G. Wells-ish. The huge multi–layer joints and multi–eyed helmet are what really set it apart.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rap Sucks

I was checking out the web site for a place we just got booked at and noticed they might wanna update it a little more often. There's an event listed for June 13. It's just a DJ, but the part I like is their slogan about the music they play.


I went down to visit my brother this weekend. He's still getting along, but in a bunch of pain where one spot is in a back bone. His girls Sierra and Danielle were over and his boy Ryan came down from Cedar Rapids. He's working at a bank (just like his grandpa) and taking Kirkwood classes, and he got a recall notice from the Army. He's trying to get out of that because he's in school and his dad is sick. That'd suck if he had to go back now.

Keota hasn't changed, except for all the buildings owned by the Wallerichs have been torn down; the one with the Oshkosh ad painted on the side and the one (or maybe two) next to it, and their "shop" down between the old DX station and Robin Wells' old house. There are also two new streets that I hadn't seen before on the northwest end of town—a development in a corn field.

I noticed 5 of these on an Aus tree in Ma & Pa's back yard:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sox & Martin

My Ramchargers Challenger charging through some very heavy traffic. (I won, but then they were only on Medium.)

Another one of my favorite drag racing teams from the '60s/'70s was Sox & Martin, a pro–stock team. They always had great looking cars, and I think they were always Mopars that I can think of. I redid the paint on my old Challenger and took it for a drive, ripping through the streets of Manhattan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Receiver Receiving Again

Got our receiver back from the shop today. He ran it through all sorts of stuff and couldn't get the problem to happen. The ticket also says he disassembled and reassembled it. I'm guessing that is what fixed it. It's the oldest repair technique in the book, and has worked countless times for me. Remember Clanin's 4–track? Fixed it by opening it up and looking at it.

I plugged everything back in, including the MartinLogans, and tried a bunch of stuff. Seems to be working fine here too. The tech was thinking maybe our center speaker or wire was the problem, since it would switch off when I ran test tones through it. But it seems to be fine. It kinda sucked to just look at those speakers for the past couple weeks and not use them. When I looked for something to test tonight, there was an Elvis Costello concert on Palladia, a gorgeous HD music channel. And just now there's an old Joe Jackson concert on BBC Crown Jewels on VH1 Classic. Two flavors that go great together.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lil Rush

Rush has often had really cool animations and opening videos to enhance their live shows. The people at South Park Studios made this especially for Rush. Those rotisserie chickens always make me hungry.

Is this auto-playing for anyone else? When I go to my blog, both this and the Triumph videos begin playing. Pretty annoying.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Gig

The gig last night was pretty good. It's a private club that is trying to get more income and/or people to join or something, so they're trying to get more live music. Easy load–in, tiny stage only big enough for my drums and a couple amps, horrible sounding room. The walls are all concrete, the room is pretty much rectangular except for one corner, and there's nothing to break up the sound one bit. Basically, it's like the inside of a poorly designed speaker cabinet. But the people really had a blast and like our music. We had 4 new tunes; Keep Your Hands to Yourself (I sing that one), Steppin' Stone, Heartbreaker, and Slow Ride. That last one absolutely kicked their ass.

We all went to breakfast afterward at a Perkins, which had a security guard standing around. I'm so glad I live in the suburbs, where my garage door can be left open all day long. We can even go for a walk and leave all the doors open and not worry one iota.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Love You, Man

Funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Even better than Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Paul Rudd is so good at being an ordinary, uncomfortable goof. Rashida Jones (from The Office) is also so good, and easy to look at. There was one scene between those 2 where I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and was crying. Plus, they go to a small Rush concert, so The Boys are playing on stage.

Marrs Attacks is playing over at a place called B–Dales in Roseville tonight for the first time. Everybody on the truck!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Birth of a Triumph

Triumphs are cool. They kick Harley ass. They're also British, which means they have a sense of humor rather than being all about eagles and beer.

"…for someone who's dropped their badger in the road." Classic.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've always been a fan of the Ramchargers factory drag racing team (go Mopar!), so I painted up an old Challenger (they used a Charger, of course).

And a new one

The old one is so much more fun to drive. I upgraded everything except some engine parts to keep the HP under control on both cars. I just can't get the new one set up well. Lots of understeer.

On lap 2 of a race, I noticed this dork stuck on the inside wall of the corner. The replay showed that the AI clipped it, and then couldn't figure out how to navigate around it. It kept backing up and going forward and banging into the wall. It finally backed up, turned around in the other direction, and then something weird happened and it jumped over to this place in the road where it sat there smoking the tires. It did that until I came around again and then it took off. And hit the wall again. But this time it made it around it, and hit the wall on the next corner. The guy musta been drunk.

Man, this new Blogger editor sucks big time. They said it was improved, but they must not have tested it. Ever. I'll probably have to go back and fix shit after I publish it. I'm going back to the old editor and enter html by hand.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jon Livingston

When I attended Indian Hills Community College in the boring, scummy town of Ottumwa, IA, I met a guy named Jon Livingston. He made weird art, listened to good music, and drove a very cool "electric puke green" VW Scirocco. We became instant friends and hung around a lot during the year that I lasted in that shit hole of a town. A few times a year, I'd google his name and see if I could find him on the internet. Well, I just did, and he's dead. That's sad. I found him on the Ottumwa HS class of '83 reunion site's in memorian page, which has his senior picture.

"I like Bloody Marys, because you get food."
    —Jon Livingston, in the bar in the bottom floor of a downtown hotel in Ottumwa, IA, circa 1984

I found some of Jon's stuff. This is why I never throw shit away, much to the consternation of Kim. He'd wrecked the green Scirocco and had this white one in a photo he sent with a letter. At some point, he lost his license and sold this one. He said he was making weird music with Mike Whitney from 149 Dead Marines.

I also found this hunk of paper that he'd doodled on—I think it was when he visited me in IC.

He was also the originator of Skin Lizard, the weird creature I spray painted on the side of the One Bullit Barney truck (Coco). His original drawing is still on the head of my old Remo practice pad.

Barney's New Ride

Bought an old Datsun. Went with cop engine, cop shocks, cop paint.

The roof number is from the squad car's license plate JL–327.

Eagerly awaiting Forza Motorsport 3, supposedly out next month.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dog n Suds Found

We went out to an apple orchard yesterday, Jim's Apple Farm (you can look at somebody else's photos). More correctly, it's an old barn that's been turned into a place to sell apples and lots of other stuff, like pumpkins, Indian corn, bundles of corn stalks, and gourds, plus lots and lots of food, mostly things made by small home–cookin' suppliers like jams, candies, etc. We stopped there once before on the way back from her sister's last year I think. They also bake their own pies and other things there. We got a small apple studel, which made me go around talking like Sgt. Schultz when we got home and had some.

Near the registers were a bunch of coolers full of pop—lots of varieties of stuff you don't normally find. And there Kim spied lots of bottles of Dog n Suds root beer. I lunged for them like there were the last bottles on Earth. I later enjoyed one out on our stupid small front porch after I washed the MN/IA/IL bugs off the front of my truck.

I just noticed how the wheels on my truck look huge and the tires look like some dumbass low profile ricer boy tires. It's just an optical illusion caused by the soft focus. I haven't gone insane.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Milla Jovovich (if yer at work, this ain't safe)

Like Milla Jovovich? I know I sure do. Want to see her 100% naked? Yer goddamned right I do! Why do you think I own all 3 Resident Evils? Go here soon before it switches to members–only mode. With nipples like rolls of Life Savers hidden in her shirt, the face of a goddess, and that fantastic little bod, what's not to love? Now with bush! In case you missed the window of opportunity, here's one of the shots.

Les Paul

We bought a Les Paul. Settle down, it's not a real one, but a damn Guitar Hero one for the Xbox. We used to trade off, each playing an entire "gig", which is kinda boring for the person not playing. She suggested getting another controller so we could play at the same time. I wanted a Flying V, but didn't find one I liked, so we got a Les Paul they had at BFB. The "pick" switch is much quieter than the one in the Strat that came with her game. It seems to respond a bit better, although it doesn't have the slider area on the neck, so none of that.

Anyhoo, we had a blast playing the battle mode, I think it's called. You pick a song, and both play the same thing. Then you play it again, but the speed at which the notes come into view is faster, and something else changes, but I couldn't figure out what it was. And some notes have tokens or something that you get. Again, no idea what any of it means. But it was a ton of fun for us. I chose Queens of the Stone Age's No One Knows (one of my favorite songs), and we went through it about 4 or 5 times—each time it got harder. I also noticed the version it started with didn't have the solo, then later on it did and it had my playing 2 notes at once, but Kim had to play a different part. Freaky.

Anyhoo, for a fun time playing video games with yer woman, that gets my vote, especially if she doesn't want to play a shooter or drive a fast car where the object is not to pick up sparkly jewels and goofy weapons, but just to win the race. I still have an underlying hatred for Guitar Hero, mainly because so many people think it's just like playing a real instrument. But as a game that just happens to be loosely tied to rhythm, it's fun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Kim actually got me back into a movie theater a couple weeks ago. We saw District 9. The trailer made it look really cool, but it wasn't quite what I expected. A bit too much "humans are bad" preachiness. I was looking forward to a good "here come the aliens—now they're here, what do we do with them?" flick but got a lesson on why camps or reservations might be bad. Still, I liked the unlikely "hero" of the movie. Kinda nervous and pitiful.

Tonight we watched Milk. Again, not quite as good as I thought it would be, but still a nice job by the actors and all. But I'm still grossed out when 2 men kiss. Always will be, just like I've always hated potatoes. Luckily, there isn't much of that. It's mostly a political thing. And I got a kick out of seeing old Anita Bryant footage. Holy fuck was she a loony toons. They did miss including the pie–in–the–face episode in the movie, sadly.

We finally watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno again after the Marantz started acting up the last time, this time using the old Denon and old speakers while the Marantz is in the stereo hospital. That has some really funny shit—lots of dirty, dirty humor. Justin Long was hilarious as a gay porn actor, and Craig Robinson (The Office's Darryl) also had some great stuff. And as always, Seth Rogen makes me chuckle when he says almost anything. And Elizabeth Banks is fairly easy to look at.

Let's see, we also watched The Wrestler a few weeks ago. Damn good movie. Really. Mickey Rourke is so fucking good at what he does. Of all the 4 movies mentioned here, this is the one I'd recommend. Plus, Evan Rachel Wood as his daughter and Marisa Tomei naked all over the place.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Who knew? There are still A&W restaurants around. They no longer have the full family of burgers (I always liked the Teen Burger without mayo (the scourge of the burger world) because it had bacon way before bacon cheeseburgers were on everyone else's menu), only the Papa Burger. They're now owned by Yum Franchises, the same conglomerate that does Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Long Gross Silvers. Is this a fairly recent acquisition? The one we went to was also a KFC. Sure wasn't as good as it used to be back when they were drive–ins, or even at the one in Sycamore Mall. I had a bacon cheeseburger, which the bitchy, disinterested teenage girl cashier and the slightly older supervisor had a hell of a time finding on the register. Kim had a coney cheese dog, which she had to eat with a spork because the chili was so runny and soaked the bun. We both had root beer floats, the best part of our meal.

Mentally Insane of Walmart

Seriously, if you haven't already put People of Walmart on your daily reads list, what is wrong with you? It just keeps getting better. You need to see men like this and this every day, if only to keep track of how normal your own brain is.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kelly Ripa's 3rd Nipple

It's not as exciting as you're thinking it is. It's her extreme outie belly button. Eww. Fantastic body, but yikes.

Real Car, Clown Car

I have no idea what any of this has to do with music, but it was on some MTV show. We've seen similar driving wackiness in this same spot before. This time they throw a go–kart into the mix. Naturally, the Benny Hill music was inevitable. Nice job on that. Looks like the guy in the kart is gonna get creamed a couple times.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving Valerie Bertinelli in Stereo

Whoa. Val or Phoebe. Decisions, decisions.