Monday, September 21, 2009


I went down to visit my brother this weekend. He's still getting along, but in a bunch of pain where one spot is in a back bone. His girls Sierra and Danielle were over and his boy Ryan came down from Cedar Rapids. He's working at a bank (just like his grandpa) and taking Kirkwood classes, and he got a recall notice from the Army. He's trying to get out of that because he's in school and his dad is sick. That'd suck if he had to go back now.

Keota hasn't changed, except for all the buildings owned by the Wallerichs have been torn down; the one with the Oshkosh ad painted on the side and the one (or maybe two) next to it, and their "shop" down between the old DX station and Robin Wells' old house. There are also two new streets that I hadn't seen before on the northwest end of town—a development in a corn field.

I noticed 5 of these on an Aus tree in Ma & Pa's back yard:


Leo said...

I heard you were back--I ran into Deb at the casino on Saturday in between sets.

Actually, the buildings sort of 'fell down' and the city had to get after them to clean them up. They were just looking junky for several months.

One other improvement, the County Line Mart or whatever it is has more prepared food choices, and some ice cream. Trisha Malin, or whatever her married name is, works there now, according to Jimmy-Jack.

Armpit Studios said...

Oh yeah, I'd heard that about her a while back, but forgot. There was just some young kid there when I stopped in for pop. Noticed the remodeling they did to open it up over to the west side. It sure looks smaller than I remember it, even when it was full of tables and the front counter when it was the Buckle and Sam's.

Leo said...

I agree, although most places I look smaller than I remember. The KC Hall in Harper always seemed huge when i was a kid roller skating in it, or going to dances. Now, it seems pretty darn small, at least thats the impression I get whenever we play there.