Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've always been a fan of the Ramchargers factory drag racing team (go Mopar!), so I painted up an old Challenger (they used a Charger, of course).

And a new one

The old one is so much more fun to drive. I upgraded everything except some engine parts to keep the HP under control on both cars. I just can't get the new one set up well. Lots of understeer.

On lap 2 of a race, I noticed this dork stuck on the inside wall of the corner. The replay showed that the AI clipped it, and then couldn't figure out how to navigate around it. It kept backing up and going forward and banging into the wall. It finally backed up, turned around in the other direction, and then something weird happened and it jumped over to this place in the road where it sat there smoking the tires. It did that until I came around again and then it took off. And hit the wall again. But this time it made it around it, and hit the wall on the next corner. The guy musta been drunk.

Man, this new Blogger editor sucks big time. They said it was improved, but they must not have tested it. Ever. I'll probably have to go back and fix shit after I publish it. I'm going back to the old editor and enter html by hand.

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