Monday, September 28, 2009

iPhones and Evel Knievel

Kim's iPhone has stopped listening. I think the mic got disconnected. I called Apple Care while we were at her Mom's house and talked to a nice American guy in CA. He spoke English and everything. Wow! Anyhoo, while waiting for the ancient UFO iMac to backup the iPhone we got to talking about CA and stuff, which led to skateboards and then BMX. He found a BMX museum site. I checked it out today and found some photos of the Huffy Even Knievel bike. Wow. Cheese, crap, and cool all rolled into one bike. Huffy made other ridiculous shit like this one.

(Update: Just got back from the Apple Store with a brand new replacement iPhone. No waiting for 17 months while it gets sent in to be repaired—they just give you a new one. Man I love Apple.)

I always wanted a Mongoose or a Haro, even a Redline maybe. All I ever had was a Schwinn SX2000 that Chris Lillig and I bought together. I think it was a heavier frame, with only the chain stays being chromoly.

I just scanned some old photos we took with my parents' Kodak 110 Instamatic, which explains the strap blocking most of 2 shots. That shoot must've been a couple years later, because Chris had his own bike with some heavy as aluminum wheels. We were out taking action shots, then tried to take some trick shots that made it look like we were amazing BMX riders. My parents' Ambassador is in the background of one shot. That's the first time I've seen that in decades.

There were some other photos in the sleeve. Here's Leo and me chatting up some chick in the Ozarks. I think her name was Janet. She had big tits. I think she was mine and Leo got her cute sister. I think this would've been the Summer before our junior or senior year maybe, so '80 or '81? I see my Pepsi and Carrera sunglasses on the table. Leo has a pack of smokes.

Here's another long exposure I made of my drums back then, probably trying to emulate the shot of Neil Peart on the back of Moving Pictures (or maybe it's on the inside sleeve?). There's an Evel Knievel figure wearing a G.I. Joe fire suit between the front two toms. The black cabinet to the right would later become my car stereo. The Primo mic is on the ride cymbal. Remember that thing with the weird cable? You can almost make out the bottom edge of my stainless steel steam table pot "cow bell" in front of the floor tom. Oooooo! Against the wall on the right is a green styrofoam thing that was from my brother's N gauge train track. I used that to drive my Matchbox and Hot Wheels around on. It had parking lots, houses, mountains, even a lake. Goddamn I loved that thing.


Leo said...

Yep, I remember that mic--also the cheap ass Peavey mics with zero freq response!!

Love those homemade tubular tom thingys. Still have those? I thought they sounded great!

Armpit Studios said...

Yup, the 2 long ones are still around. The shortest one died with the rest of my toms that where in a big case, home to tons of pissing, pooping, chewing mice.