Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woop! Woop!

One of my favorite songs from the '80s; The Call doing The Walls Came Down. The guy has a great voice. A Peter Gunn type of rolling bass line. When they played it on XM last night on the way home from Iowa, I had the urge to see the video again. I don't remember seeing it in decades. I'm surprised MTV didn't have it on their site. I was always amused by the old guy playing keys in the video. I don't know if he was in the band, somebody's dad, or just the janitor in that location.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was reading some article when a commenter used the word "wigger". I'd never heard it, so I looked it up. The part that I giggled at was the part that mentions the term "bama". Now I'm going to giggle every time I hear somebody use that shortened version of Obama's name. Infer what you will—I'm just sayin' it's a funny coincidence.

Being a Jerk Never Goes out of Style

28 years ago or so, this kid would've been named Doug Flynn. He was the spoiled ass in our class who thought it was funny to grab your pen or pencil and break it in half.

But wait, there are bigger jerks than that. Here are 3 big pussies right now. Yes, 16-year old boys can be pretty obnoxious these days, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't bind, beat, and stab them. Unless they did something equally fucktardish first. And what's the deal with those names? Yonrico sounds like a company who sells things on infomercials. Neoni… that's what they called the Dodge Neon in Italy, right?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Betty

Whoa! Goofy cheap video, but I've never heard this version of the song. I'll assume it's the version on the album, not the short 2:35 radio version without the great solo section that scares dumbass radio programmers.


A 4–door Porsche? You betcher ass. The Panamera has been in the works for quite a while—like anything else from Porsche, they do their research and testing before releasing something into the wild. Jalopnik posted a video that has some really shitty over–compressed audio, but even through that you can hear an engine and exhaust note that'll make any man's trousers tight. Here's a nice front 3/4 view. But here's my favorite, which shows its ass. I love how the roof extend all the way back to the bumper, which shows its 911 bloodlines. It also evokes the cab–backward design I love, as seen on other favorites of mine; the Cheetah, the 2001 BMW M coupe, Ferrari Daytona from this period, even the Pacer, had AMC made it a bit longer, shortened the height, and gotten rid of the buggy Matador headlights that gave it that dopey Heather Graham (or that pussy from those goddamn hobbit movies) deer–in–the–headlights look.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Stay tooned for the freaky claymation at the end.

Best arrangement of this song ever done. Dig the horns doing the guitar solo with the guitar. The video gets way off from the audio. Not bad sound for an audience camera source.

Not Suck Away

If it all comes down to the world going to hell (and with who’s in charge of the US now, it probably will) and we get stuck driving electric cars, at least it’s not just a bunch of messenger bag wearing hippies who are thinking about what we’ll drive—the gearheads are getting their grimy hands in there too, including the boys at Dodge, with a little help from a gorgeous kick–ass Lotus.

Ashlee Simpson dumber than Jessica?? No way!

Ashlee Simpson and her super faggy husband–for–appearances–only Pete Wentz named their kid Bronx Mowgli Wentz, just so it's initials would be BMW. Jalopnik says it best.

Choppers and Skateboards

Found a cool blog by some guy who digs old choppers and skateboarding. These two entries were right after one another. Far out. I love this Ducati old school cafe racer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's Tight

I thought backing my truck into our garage was tight, but this guy gets the gold though.


Life Magazine and Google are putting the Life photo archive online. You can find hundreds of photos throughout the decades for almost any subject, like drive–ins or drummers (it's no surprise that Gene Krupa is right there at the top).


Nobody has helped me figure out why my fucking router has been thinking that it needs a password for external web access, so fuck it. It looks like the modern FileSyncAgent attempts to sync every time something on the local iDisk has changed (when it works), so I’ll just store that file there instead. I doubt anybody cares what I’m listening to, but goddamnit, when geeky shit like that stops working, it pisses me off.

She's Pretty!

This is a woman? Looks more like some big Mexican guy that works at a chop shop in LA.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Furd Eff One Ugly

Ya know, the 2009 F–150 is one boring, straight–arrow design. It's like the truck version of the T–bird redo a few years back. It's something that my dad would call "sharp". In fact, it's funny how lame it is.

Let's try this new thing

I'm going to try Blogger—see how I like it. I need some text, so it's the Lorem Ipsum Dashboard widget to the rescue.

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Well, I already hate the editor. And I keep getting a post error with a cryptic error code. Looks like lots of people get this, so you just keep trying it until it finally works. That's what you get for free I guess.