Monday, November 24, 2008


A 4–door Porsche? You betcher ass. The Panamera has been in the works for quite a while—like anything else from Porsche, they do their research and testing before releasing something into the wild. Jalopnik posted a video that has some really shitty over–compressed audio, but even through that you can hear an engine and exhaust note that'll make any man's trousers tight. Here's a nice front 3/4 view. But here's my favorite, which shows its ass. I love how the roof extend all the way back to the bumper, which shows its 911 bloodlines. It also evokes the cab–backward design I love, as seen on other favorites of mine; the Cheetah, the 2001 BMW M coupe, Ferrari Daytona from this period, even the Pacer, had AMC made it a bit longer, shortened the height, and gotten rid of the buggy Matador headlights that gave it that dopey Heather Graham (or that pussy from those goddamn hobbit movies) deer–in–the–headlights look.

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Torgo said...

Quit teasing me. Based on the title, I was expecting a picture that was appreciably larger on the horizontal side than it was on the vertical side!

I'll forgive it this time, since it's nice that you have an RSS feed now.