Friday, July 31, 2009

Slow Trucks?

Damn it. No speakers yet. Although Kim will be picking up her new FX35 today. That'll be fun, but nowhere near as fun as electrostats.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neighborhood Excitement

Goddamnit! Today I decided I'd take my glasses back and get measured for bifocals. The trip only took an hour, but when I got back, the cul de sac had a bunch of vehicles in it. Unmarked law vehicles, driven by mostly unmarked lawmen, except for a few vests and jackets with POLICE or SHERIFF on the back. One kid—maybe between 17 and 21—was sitting on the street behind a car. I called Carolyn to get the scoop, since she's right next door to where the action was and has a great view out her front window. Looks like a drug bust. One kid has always been a stoner, and I guess he must be much more than that to have that many cops show up. She said they all came in very SWAT–like. He graduated a year or two ago and hasn't really been around very much at all since then. Dunno what he was doing here today. Maybe just using the place to make a deal, since Carolyn said that the kid sitting on the street showed up after all the cops were here, so he must not be that bright, otherwise he would've casually turned around and left. Typical dumbass stoner.

Yearbook Yourself

Need to waste even more time on the webanet? Gather some photos of your face from pretty much straight on and then go to Yearbook Yourself where you can see what your yearbook photo might've looked like in any year between the '50s and today. I quickly found a couple that worked well with their templates; my baby picture and one of Dad when he was in his 20s I think. The results can be entertaining.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vans, Kiss, etc

I was making an Amazon order for this book about the birth and history of the Vans shoe company. The hardcover is pretty cool; "canvas" textured checkerboard with a big red rubber Off the Wall logo similar to the one on the back of the shoes. Different sections were written by different people. They could've used a better editor, because the parts written the Steve Van Doren (son of the originator) are kinda hard to parse. He's definitely not a writer. He should've been interviewed instead of letting him write his own thoughts.

Anyhoo, I didn't want to submit the order with just the one item, so I picked up Levon Helm's new album and the 6 remaining Kiss albums that I've either never owned (Hotter Than Hell, Rock and Roll Over, Destroyer, Dressed to Kill) or never replaced the vinyl with CD (Music from "The Elder", Creatures of the Night). I'd only heard some of the songs once or twice in my life, probably in Leo's car. It was fun to hear Take Me again. (Yes, pocket rhymes with rocket.) I hadn't listened to The Elder in years, and now I remember why. Well, at least 6 of the 11 songs are listenable and/or good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

But Is It Free?

At the Guitar Toss on Saturday, a herd of churchies invaded the area, handing out flyers. The music store always cordons off a large area for the band tent, sound man, the guitar toss area, and of course space for people to watch the bands. One of the store workers noticed the invading horde and went to talk to the portly woman who seemed to be in charge (the most pushy of the herd). I could see the employee pointing to the portion of the parking lot outside of their area, likely instructing her to get the hell out of their space and peddle their shit elsewhere. That was the church woman who'd previously handed a flyer to me before I knew that it was or what they were. I dropped it into the trash. As we were walking to our car later, that same rotund woman had stopped a car driving through the strip mall's main lane through the parking lot. There were 2 or 3 cars behind them, wanting to get through. Cripes. Leave people the fuck alone! Then we noticed the flyers on everybody's windshields. Kim grabbed it so we could recycle it, but not before scanning it so all of you can make fun of it too.

It's a classic case of why home desktop publishing can be a really, really bad idea. It's also one of the best (hence, funniest) cases of how some people think that quotation marks should be used to accent or embolden a word or phrase, to make it stand out. What they don't understand is that quotes make something fake/false sound as if it were real/true, hence the many laughs I got out of this one, along with the art and overall typographic and layout skills. As always, click to biggify. The red circles and comments are mine, because I'd hate for you to miss any of the gaffes.

But, ya know, being that it's one of these religious nutcase groups, it could very well be that you won't receive or win any actual free gifts if you show up, but instead you will get a sermon in the form of a bike that helps you travel down god's path, or they'll all sing their jesus songs at you, in the form of a human "I–pod". That's the "free tunes".

Women Ride on the Back

I like the way this tiny German car provided a place for a passenger only as an afterthought. Her foot isn't even on the footpad—maybe the wife was the brakes? "Helga, schtopp the kar at the hofbräu so I kan get some wienerkugenebnozn!" The rest of the gallery has some more neat cars.

That Was a Summer Day

Fanfuckingtastic day yesterday, weather–wise; hot, dryish, sunny, nice breeze. We sat on the deck for a while, trimmed up some overgrown shrubs, went to Dairy Queen, had a nice drive in the "country" down to Halla Nursery to get a bag of bark chips and put that around a few plants that currently had only river rock around, but looked like they needed a little extra moisture retention. Also relocated the solar landscape lights out front. They were right at the edge of the sidewalk, and I was always worried that the one on the corner would get kicked by someone.

Kim wanted shrimp on the barby for supper, so we stopped at Byerly's on the way home from Halla. She needed some bamboo skewers, which come in a package of 100. Good luck using those up in our lifetime, even if they are disposable. She made a marinade that sounded pretty good. I had a hot dog cuz I only like shrimp in small quantities.

That weekend did not suck. I ended up with a slight sunburn on my shoulders from the yard work.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inglorious Bastards 1.0

Quentin Tarantino is doing a version of an Italian movie from 1978 called The Inglorious Bastards. His has Brad Pitt and B.J. Novak (Ryan from The Office). We watched the original last night. I was totally digging it from the opening credits, featuring super bold graphics (you see a bit in the trailer). The little Italian guy with the bushy mustache is fun. The one guy who kinda looks like Ryan O'Neal (see 1:36) is so fucking annoying. He's one of those actors you wanna punch in the face just so he'll shut up and go away.

So if you like WWII movies and spaghetti westerns, you should see this one. I'm hoping the remake is also good, but I know it won't have the same feel. Hell, even the audio on the DVD was cool. It sounded like it was coming out of a not–quite–hi–fi mono movie theater speaker system, with just a smidgen of natural old school amp distortion.


We didn't play the Guitar Toss this year—they only get "amateur" bands—but we went down to listen to a band or two. First we ate lunch at Smashburger. Now that's a tasty fucking burger. High class beef and cooked right. Also perused Down in the Valley current stock. I had some Bowie albums on my wishlist, but oddly they only had 3 Bowie albums total, none being what I was looking for (The Man Who Sold the World, Heros, and Low). But I found a live Drive-by Truckers album I didn't know about (it includes CD and DVD), from their performance on Austin City Limits. Man I love that band. Also got the extended version of the new Rancid album. Lastly, a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy album that's all Cab Calloway tunes.

The first band we listened to looked about 14–17. 4 guys playing very bluesy stuff for their age. The songs sorta sounded like Indigenous or Arc Angels, and they were all very talented on their instruments. I was impressed. I knew I wouldn't like the next band. I thought they were gonna be some kind of Dead/Phish hippy love band because one of the guys had his jeans rolled up to just below his knees, like some teenage girl from the '50s. I didn't get it. They were totally not what I expected, but I still didn't like the music at all. They had a black chick singing R&B type shit. Her voice was hurting my ears, so we left.

Went out to Ikea looking for some sort of interesting floor lamp and place mats. Found a lamp. That place is fun to hit once or twice a year. All sorts of people to gawk at, from hot MILFs, to all sorts of foreigners strolling slowly with their large brood, to white trash hillbillies (dad with his dirty sleeveless T–shirt, mom with a bun in the oven and generic smokes on her breath, son with a strange brown and bright blue camouflage outfit over his 12–year old beer gut) who heard about the dirt cheap prices and limped the rusty, sputtering '80 Granada into town. We also walked in circles more than once. The place is fucking huge and winds around back and forth, so it's impossible to know which direction you're going.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Just a few seconds ago, my eyeballs exploded when I saw this image in a Jalopnik comment. I'm sorry. Now you're blind too.

I thought the thing on the right was a chick, then I realized that the shadow (or some dumbass kind of goth makeup) under her chins was actually a beard, so that made it a guy with pigtails and a dress. That made it so much worse.

SFW Porn

When porn is made safe for work, the result is hilarious.

Disney Shows About Space

There're a few films made by Disney in the mid '50s about space travel and such, and they're on YouTube. One is about space travel and rockets in general. One is about the moon. That one has a pretty cool little movie at the end filmed with real people and futuristic spaceship sets. The third is about Mars, with this part featuring some really far out animation that rivals the weirdness of Peter Max and Yellow Submarine type stuff. Watch for the appearance of a Disney favorite amongst the Martian creatures chasing the chick. The animators of that era were amazing and really creative.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Up Pikes Peak with 800HP

I was only going to skim through this and watch little bits of it, as it's 9 minutes long and I wanted to go to bed. But I ended up watching all of it. Such amazing shots. Rally drivers are a rare breed, and unphased about doing it with a thousand–foot drop–off inches away.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally Impractical Gadgets

Gizmodo did a Photoshop contest to come up with impractical designs of real gadgets. I did one for the helluvit; #62, the Tomtom Plasma. There are some great ones, like the wrench, the Splode watch, Nike butt plug, and the solar–powered night vision goggles (I giggle when I see that). The wicker Weber grill is also very creative.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lt. Dangle, Mission Control

The guy who did the mission control announcements for Apollo 11 sounds a lot like Lt. Jim Dangle from Reno 911. I kinda chuckle every time his voice comes on. And he just said the name of somebody at NASA; Semens. *giggle*

Speaking of Reno 911, we sure miss the ones they got rid of (especially Kimball) and sure do hate the new ones. The fat guy is just an unfunny annoying Chris Farley Chicago Bears fan type about–to–die–from–a–massive–coronary obnoxious jerk.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wienermobile Having Its Way with a House

What the hell kind of idiot could crash the Wienermobile into a house? At the end of a dead–end street. While making a 3–point turn. The story says the drive hit the gas instead of the brake. How many people do you know who have done that? Anyone? Not me. I've never even done that while driving with an Xbox controller, and that has way fewer years of muscle memory than driving a real vehicle with my feet. Seriously, if you can't tell the gas from the brake, and confusing the two pedals while turning around (therefore going very slowly and having more than enough time to react) results in you crashing into something, then the law should prevent you from ever driving again.

Wait, in the news report video (if you follow the links) the driver (a chick—typical) had it in the wrong gear (D instead of R). So which is it, bitch? Wrong gear or wrong pedal? Retard. Here's the Google street view of the house. So she clearly would've been making a 3–point turn, probably by first pulling into the red house's driveway. At which point you stop and put it in reverse. So smashing that far into the house from a dead stop would take the work of a supreme idiot.

View Larger Map

Commodore PET

Heh, look at the stupid keyboard they designed for the PET. Unless you'd never taken a typing course and never used a standard key layout, then it probably worked OK for hunt & pecking.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swell Light Control System

Take a look at this low voltage solenoid–activated light control system that's in a really cool house built in '61. Keep going forward in the set to see more components, including the solenoid bank where it all happens. Kind of a scary, messy wiring job.

MultiAd Reunion

Had a little MultiAd reunion today. I thought a lot more people would be there, but only 6 showed up. Too bad, as I there are a bunch I'd like to see again. The one girl said last year when they did the same thing there were only 2. So by next year there should be 18!

Sounds Good to Me

When asked, Kim did not vote against letting us upgrade our L/R speakers to these Martin–Logan Vistas. They're near the bottom of the line, because the ones near the top are what one might call "really fucking expensive". Plus they'd be way too big for our room at 70" tall.

We went out to Stereoland today and gave a pair of the Purity model a good listen. They're slightly below the Vista and are self–powered, more for the rich bastard that just wants to easily hook up his iPod to something in the bathroom I guess. We also listened to the same tracks on some Paradigm Studio 100s, which are really sweet. I wanted to see if Kim could tell the difference, but she couldn't hear it, or maybe just wasn't really listening. Being regular dynamic speakers, I could close my eyes and point to where they were, and even these incredibly high quality speakers have some colorations when compared to the openness and transparency of the electrostats. Those produced a depth, a more realistic 3D soundfield. On Bela Fleck's Flight of the Cosmic Hippo, I could easily place the acoustic bass behind the rest of the band, with Bela's banjo a little closer to the front.

But she knew that having a pair of Martin–Logans is something I've always wanted, and she knew our current Definitive Technology fronts aren't that hot. They're alright for watching movies, but as soon as I play music from any source, I'm completely unimpressed with our system. And with the receiver we have, I should not be feeling that way. I've always strived to have good sound in my house and vehicles. So now I will. I'm pleased as punch.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spock Rock Talk

Just go watch this.

That rock sounds a lot like an analogue synth. Fascinating.

Suck, Music Industry. Suck.

Here's another example of how the music industry is run by complete morons. I'd be surprised if any record label executive could whistle or even hum a melody.

Cheap Trick on 8–track

I forgot to mention this when I read it the other day in the 8–track article. Cheap Trick's latest album, called The Latest, is also being released on 8–track. I'd better go find a book of matches to wedge in there to get the head azimuth right.

Now That's Well–done!

Here's a great shot of the spilled, squished, and cooked vegetables that were in the truck that was burned and smashed in the Detroit truck crash/bridge falling. I caught the first post last night, the one with the video of the really annoying, bordering–on–crazy woman news reporter.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CDs Are In

UPS just delivered our demo discs. Wouldn't you know it, the gradients in the artwork didn't print correctly. One of them did. Others look posterized. And the easiest one to render—a straight linear gradient from one color to another—turned out a solid color. And I bet I know why. Because pdf sucks. That's what the place wanted. That's what everybody wants these days, thinking it's the best file format ever. Creator has always had trouble reading and producing pdfs that work with everything. Why? Because pdf sucks. Oh well, at least the fucked up gradients didn't ruin the whole thing or make parts unrecognizable. And the music turned out correctly.

Original art:

Actual CD (the green's off too, but I knew it would be):

Crackpots, Nuts, Weirdos

Really, WTF is wrong with these people? As Bugs Bunny might say:

Audrey Kawasaki

Having one of the coolest names a girl can have, Audrey Kawasaki is also one of the best artists I've ever seen. It's rare to find someone who can render the female form with such passion. The lips and eyes say more than any book ever could. And she's produced so much—her online gallery goes on and on. The recurring themes are kinda cool/creepy/odd/neat too, like bugs, bones, string, scissors, animals.

Jim Henson, Masochist

Whoa, these are pretty cool TV ads created way back in the '50s by Jim Henson. The violence is right out there. No toned–down over–protective goofy children's violence here. Purely the real thing, and that makes it funny.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moon Landing in a Few Days

In just over 34 hours, Apollo 11 will blast off for the moon. Oh, we have a time correction; subtract 40 years from that. There's a neat site set up where you can relive the entire mission in real time. There are a bunch of ways to get updates as they "happen". I got the Missing Widget and have it over in the corner of my left monitor. Since I was 5 when it happened the first time, I don't remember much about it, if anything. Maybe seeing/hearing it again will spark an old memory.

El Caseto!

I was just reading the history of the 8–track on Wikipedia and got to thinking about a large cassette tape format that Sony made. It didn't last very long or go anywhere and, naturally, it produced better results than the format that "won" (compact cassette). It was called Elcaset, and was designed to be an easier to use form of reel–to–reel. Leave it to Sony to design the better medium which loses out because most people don't care about quality.

But yeah, compact cassettes sure were handy. Can you imagine strapping an Elcaset Walkman to your jogging shorts?

Geek or Killer?

This is fun. A quiz where you guess if photos are of programmers or serial killers. I got 40%. Only Son of Sam and the SNOBOL guy were obvious to me.

Oh, and here's the best Gizmodo article title I've seen in a while. Fucking classic.

Desk Computer

Not to be confused with a "desktop computer", this one is built right into the desk. And it's made of wood. What, the guy doesn't own a roundover bit for his router? That mouse is stupid, but the rest works. I wonder if any of the keys stick when it gets real humid.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Six–Million Dollar Flasher

Here's a Kenner Six–Million Dollar Man action figure that looks to be in pretty good shape. They show you how complete it is by offering pictures of him with his pants pulled down. Steve Austin was such a slut.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's a "Seefee"?

Why did the people at the Sci Fi channel forget how to spell? Is it some alien influence or a zombie virus that has eaten away the part of their brains that controls logic and common sense? Why the fuck would they think sci-fi should be spelled Syfy? That looks like "seefee" or "siffee". Maybe they've all been spending too much time texting each other on their RAZRs and MOTOKRZRs. (Really, that's a model. One of the 102 models of cell phones they currently have on their web site. 102. One–hundred two. Cell phone models. WTF. IDTZ.) And did they entirely forget that it's supposed to be shorthand for "science fiction", the main focus of their programming?

See? I'm totally going to be old Clint Eastwood, surrounded by a world of dumb bastards.

We had a nice day, but didn't have much to do. We drove up to Wayzata to look for a drive–in restaurant that somebody told us about, but didn't know the name or location. Couldn't find it. Neighbor Bruce later told us what and where; the Minnetonka Drive–in. The menu looks fantastic. I want a tenderloin sandwich now. I'd also try their sloppy joe and pizzaburger.

Anyhoo, we ended up going to Excelsior on the way back and just sitting on a bench by the lake, watching the boats and dogs. Dogs love parks by a lake. One young black lab was having a blast swimming out to retrieve a tennis ball. Stopped by the little "trolly" snack stand and got a big pretzel and a Pepsi. Came back home and watered Geoff's sod while they're out of town. For supper we went to Baker's Ribs. I'd been hankerin' for their pork sandwiches ever since they were closed on Memorial Day. I was not disappointed.

I also offloaded my old AirPort Extreme base station. Thanks Greg!

Oh, Shenanigans!

Oh my god I'm slow. I just got a joke I first heard around 1979. It's a line from the Firesign Theatre's High School Madness. Just a little while ago I was making a sandwich for lunch and these lines popped into my head:

Mom: Well, you boys fight it out amongst yourselves.
Dad: OK, mother.
[Dad and Porgy fight]

After Porgy gives up and asks if he can eat his breakfast, Dad says, "only if you stay out of trouble, boy. Your shenanigans could cost me this election." To which Porgy replies, while stuffing his face with cereal, "oh c'mon, Dad. No Irishman could stop you from getting to be dog killer this time. You're a natural!" Because his mouth was full of food, I was never sure about the words "Irishman" or "dog killer". But now I know the Irishman part is right, because that's the joke I didn't get until now, 30 years later. Porgy thought "shenanigan" was the name of some Irish guy, like Flanigan. I probably didn't need to explain that because everybody else got it the first time.

Also on that compilation album are classics like the Bear Whiz Beer commercial, which you can hear all of in the 30–second clip, Beat the Reaper, and one of my favorites, Ralph Spoilsport Motors.

And speaking of long periods between punchlines, this is for Brent, courtesy of Mike Rube:


Although I think I already said that a bunch of years ago.

Gran Torino

We watched that tonight. Good flick. Clint's character will be me in 30 years, only I won't have that "I killed gooks" edge of an excuse for being crabby. And I probably won't drink a lot. It's highly doubtful I'll own a Ford. I might own a gun by then. But the yelling at people I hate to get off my lawn? That'll totally be me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This Just In: Microsoft Still Annoying

I finally got my AirPort network reconfigured to work with everything again. I still need 802.11g compatibility for Kim's iPod touch and the stupid Xbox wireless adapter, which also can't do WPA2. But I did change the channel to 11, since it was using 1 and so is the new neighbor across the street, and the one next door is on 6.

Microsoft is still sending me 2 copies of the useless MSDN discs. But I'll put some of the blame on our managers and the people they told to renew our MSDN subscriptions last time. They just went out and bought new MSDN boxes, not renewals. And they did it for everyone, even though my and somebody else's weren't due to expire yet. One of them is about to expire again, which brings me to third annoying Microsoftism.

Somehow, those crafty bastards got my cell phone number and have been leaving messages about renewing on it. I'll get in my truck once or twice a week and turn my phone on in case Kim needs something, and there'll be a message waiting on it. I've never given it to them, and I barely give it to anyone else for that matter. Then the other day I was just going to get a stack of dual–layer DVD+Rs, had the phone on, and it rang. Guess who. I told them they should not have that number and to remove it from their db.

Popular Science 1950

Cool. Google has old magazines online, like this Popular Science from February 1950. It's referred to as a "book monthly" in the first letter. It's close to 300 pages. What's surprising to me is that the advertising ratio rivals and surpasses that of today. The first 98 pages are ads, many full–page. At least they're more interesting than today's magazine ads:

Raise hamsters!

Learn how to hypnotize


Don't miss the article on page 156 about how they build Butler grain bins (in Enterprise, IA). There's also "Cones of Silence" on 157. Good thing KAOS didn't subscribe or they'd've had them before CONTROL did. Also, "Spot–Welding on Your Drill Press" on 230. That one made me stop and look at the pictures.

Mic Lover

Whoa. There's something very interesting about the way this really cute girl touches that big mic. Sexy voice too.

Nice Aspen

This very clean and rust–free Aspen wagon was in front of me on the way home from the convenience store today. It had some sort of chrome mags, though I never got a good side view. Kinda makes me nostalgic for my silver woodie. (You have 2 seconds to think of a joke.) I've always liked station wagons a lot. Even before Dad bought the Aspen I'd built a few models of wagons, thinking how cool it would be to have a car you could sleep in and make out with girls on that nice big flat floor. That turned out to be true. I was stoked when Dodge came out with the Magnum (the new one—the wagon—not the old one, although I did like those a bunch). And these days, most of the small SUVs are really just tall, short, and far less cool wagons. They need to make more. The big ass Chevy with the curved rear side windows was one of the best looking wagons ever made, as was the Vega wagon. I won't even get into the earlier models like this Dodge, because once you go there, nearly all of them are just so, well, dreamy. Oh, I can't forget the Ford Cruising Wagon, with its rainbow stripe and porthole! It doesn't get more groovy than that.

Fucking cheap cell phone camera in the piece of shit RazOr. The picture of the Pantera that Brent took with his iPhone looks a lot better, and it's about 50% larger.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Retrospect Update

I got the new version of Retrospect today. 8.1 adds PPC support, which I need for the MultiAd G5. 8.0 was Intel only, so I didn't buy it then. They drastically changed the UI ('bout goddamn time). The old one was confusing because things were in so many different places. The new one is totally different, but puts things in nearly as many different places. The one good thing is that there are no longer 17 places where you can set schedules. Each scripts has its own schedules and the prefs no longer has that. Yay. I hated that in the old one. There's also new nomenclature for almost every aspect, so not only do you have to hunt around in new places for something, you have to remember what it's now called.

The documentation leaves a lot to be desired, at least the stuff that comes when you purchase it online for download. There's only a quickstart manual that covers a lot of stuff, but not nearly everything. And their online "knowledge base" is still a joke.

While getting the sources set up, I was having trouble seeing the Mac Pro in the basement, which was plugged in via EtherNet to an old AirPort Express using WDS. While I was fucking with that, I realized that I no longer needed to go that route because the Mac Pro has an AirPort Extreme card in it. The old G5 that it replaced did not, which is why it was doing the extra hokey pokey. So at least now I'm getting 802.11n speeds, going straight to the base station via the card. Duh. Anybody wanna buy an old 802.11g AirPort base station and Express? Oh yeah, so now I can change the speed of my base station to 5GHz, since it no longer has to support 802.11b/g. Yeeha!

District 9

Holy fuck! Now this is a sci–fi movie that looks good, unlike the stupid remake of the classic no–need–to–be–remade The Day the Earth Stood Still. How can anybody watch that when it has numb–nuts in it?

Oh No, It's BoNo

I don't pronounce his name "bah-no", cuz it should rhyme with Bozo. He and his band should go away now. It's all disco crap wrapped in a thin veil of world peace and caring, which was once the band's primary goal. It's also slathered with a thick layer of commercial marketing fakery. Way back around their first 2 or 3 albums, they cared and wrote decent music that could be played by a 3–piece band on your basic rock instruments (drums, bass, guitar). Now it's all—to borrow from Dan Aykroyd, genius—pre–programmed electronic disco, and it's main goal is to sell you something you don't need. That something was once an iPod, then a Dell computer, and now a goddamn BlackBerry. I can mostly handle Vertigo, but anything else they've recorded in the past, what, 20 years just makes me nauseous.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Call Denny on the Duck Phone

For those of you not from eastern Iowa, there was a guy with a car dealership who had pert near 173 really crappy TV commercials on every day. In one of them, he had a duck phone (phone shaped like a duck decoy) on the desk. From that point on, he featured it in nearly every ad and usually said something like "gimme a call on the duck phone." So I give you this: A duck call stuck onto the blow–off valve of a turbo.

Gay Jay

Heh, funny. I bet Jay will laugh when he sees that.

Paper Lace

I don't recall hearing the Paper Lace version of Billy, Don't be a Hero. I really don't like the chick they have singing the girlfriend lines. I like the Bo Donaldson version much better, although the poor guy looks like he's constipated when he sings. But then, why am I even talking about this song? It's really not that good any way.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Mess with Rachel

Here's one of the few 89–year old women who should be still driving. I love her wordless answer when he asks if she worries about being safe. You go granny!

Monday, July 6, 2009

B•I•C Speakers

Dig these vintage B•I•C speakers. I just barely remember that company. They're still around too, although they don't have anything that wild in their current catalog.

Fred Travawhosits?

Fred Travalena died. Don't remember him? I'm not surprised. He was the world's corniest, most unfunny impressionist. He was on Match Game a few times. Every time it would be his turn, he'd do an impression, and he's always start out by saying "this is Ronald Reagan, and, well…" or "this is Muhammad Ali, and I'm the greatest." Either he was an idiot, or he knew his impressions were so bad that nobody would know who he was trying to do, so he felt he had to tell us. Ugh. Good riddance.

Untruths in Advertising??

I'm shocked. I'm sure most people have noticed the deluge of really sickening internet ads over the past few months, ones for weight loss somethings (pills? Probably). They feature women showing before and after shots, usually side views. They make it really hard to eat my breakfast in the mornings as I'm catching up. But now they're just outright lying, showing completely different women in the befores and afters. Exhibit A:

There's no way anyone could make that change in 3 weeks. Plus, each woman's back ribs are in a different place; notice the line halfway down the back on the fat one, but just below the bra on the skinny one. Maybe the "1 easy diet tip" they're trying to dupe you into buying is to go to sleep and dream that you're 16, thin, and hot.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a Gorgeous Day

Slept until about 10, ate some Peanut Butter Crunch, watched some TV, went to OPH for some buckwheat pancakes, played a little Forza and then sat outside while that digested, ran up and got 2 gallons of gas, came back and realized I was out of Lawnboy oil, cussed a lot, ran up the Ace to get some, mowed the yard, sat around some more with AirTunes pumped out to the deck. I started importing Friday night's gig video after we got back from lunch. 3 hours later and it's still importing. Why the fuck isn't FireWire the standard instead of fucking USB? How goddamn stupid is that? And why don't all auto manufacturers make sure that they get LCD displays for radios and nav systems that you can see when wearing polarized sunglasses? That's even more stupid. I hate driving Kim's car in the daytime and trying to see the display—gotta tilt my head to the left to get rid of the polarizing effect.

Great Gig

Even though the crowd wasn't all that big because of so many people heading out of town for the 4th, it was a really enthusiastic crowd, hoopin' and hollerin'. That's good news, because it meant the bar would book us again in the future. The sound onstage was really good too. They have both sides of the stage treated for sound, and there's a thick curtain sort of thing that covers the entire window behind the stage. They have an OK monitor off the side of the drum riser (which is big and solid), but it's so far away that I couldn't set my Gatorade on it or tape my set list to it and be able to read it.

The sound man was using a really cool PreSonus digital board. Check that thing out. Every channel has its own gate, compressor, and limiter, along with the usual EQ and stuff. Amazing. Plus built–in FireWire I/O and recording software. Plug it into a Mac and the software links up with the channels on the board and records all of them. One thing they mention in the "live" video is not needing the band to be there to do a sound check. Just play the previously recorded gig back through the board. Heh, cool.

Kim & I were starving afterward, so stopped at Perkins. We had cinnamon rolls and bacon. Really, can it get any better?

This evening we went over to Geoff & Carolyn's porch, then saw a couple town's fireworks from there off in the distance. I heard there's now a larger fine for using illegal fireworks. Maybe that's why the family down the street didn't do any this year. He always gets a shitload from Wisconsin and they fire them off for about an hour after they get back from watching the big ones. It gets pretty annoying after 10 minutes. And I especially don't like finding burnt up pieces of them on our deck the next morning, because you just know there are pieces on the roof, and who knows if any of them might've still been smoldering after landing.

Watched Quantum of Solace today. I liked it. The action starts right off, and it's filmed incredibly well. It really looked like all the shit was really happening, like Daniel Craig was really in a car being smashed against a wall with bullets flying all over. It is lacking gadgets though. Olga Kurylenko is plenty hot, even when she isn't naked. The absolute worst part of the film is the opening theme song. I started hating it within only a few bars. Then I found out why: It was fucking Jack White. God I hate him. Why does he think he's such a musical genius? Ugly stupid fuck.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sixty Symbols

If you have some time you need to kill and would like to learn something during that time, go to Sixty Symbols and click a symbol. I like the guy with the scientist's afro, sorta Phil Spector–like. Who woulda guessed that the drinking bird (bottom–right symbol) confounded Einstein?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CD Printing

I was looking all over the web at CD printer reviews, trying to figure out the best one that wouldn't cost too much to run, and that would produce decent quality that didn't smear off (like ink jets), and that wouldn't plug up after sitting around unused for a few months (like ink jets). I was finding it really hard to decide which one was best (least sucky), so I called a place called DiscMakers that has everything from <$100 single–color to $multi–thousand bulk duplicators, hoping they would be able to answer some questions. The lady forwarded me to a sales guy who pointed me to a section of their web site for entering an order for disc duplication and printing. Bwuh? I didn't know they did that too. So I asked if they required me to get all that licensing bullshit done and he said no. They only require that we own the actual disc content (made by us). So yeefuckinha. They offer a really good range of choices for every detail, and the prices for small orders (we got 125) are very reasonable. We'll see how good the quality is after they arrive in a couple weeks. But judging by the quality of their web site and customer service and sales people I talked to, I'm guessing it'll be top notch. A number 1. The big cheese. Top dog.


Focus is still around. Who knew? The more I see of this band, the more I like them. One look at Hsjrkva van der Prtxhhh Thijs van Leer today and you can't help but feel the same. Here's a 17-minute epic from 2007.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I should swap the paint on the McLaren below and this Lamborghini. That way the "AIR" decals could go on the roof where the scoop is. But the old AMC Scrambler paint looks better on the McLaren because the body is more angular like the AMC. And I liked the name I made up for this one, although McScramblen would work too. This design was so wild, especially for AMC, and a total sign of the times in 1969. It was even 7 years too early for the bicentennial. The AMC fan would say they were ahead of their time, as witnessed by the Pacer.

Not sure why that one little wedge of white didn't get covered by the red. Not sure why I put the sorta 928–ish wheels on it.

Odds & Ends

I had to buy another 914 to do the Factory Specs race. I copied the John Player Special paint job onto it from my hopped–up 914. After I finished that I loaded it up with everything I could add. It had a ridiculous amount of power, and since the front end can't get any downforce added by air dams and whatnot, well, this is what happens when it goes really fast over a sharp peak and still have the rear wing adjusted for full downforce (going the wrong way on the front straight at Road America). After that, I sold it in an online auction to see how that went. It sold within the 24–hour period.

I also had to buy a McLaren F1 to do that Factory Spec race. For the helluvit, I did a '60s custom paint job on it. I always liked this technique. Ended up with over 400 circles.