Friday, July 10, 2009

Nice Aspen

This very clean and rust–free Aspen wagon was in front of me on the way home from the convenience store today. It had some sort of chrome mags, though I never got a good side view. Kinda makes me nostalgic for my silver woodie. (You have 2 seconds to think of a joke.) I've always liked station wagons a lot. Even before Dad bought the Aspen I'd built a few models of wagons, thinking how cool it would be to have a car you could sleep in and make out with girls on that nice big flat floor. That turned out to be true. I was stoked when Dodge came out with the Magnum (the new one—the wagon—not the old one, although I did like those a bunch). And these days, most of the small SUVs are really just tall, short, and far less cool wagons. They need to make more. The big ass Chevy with the curved rear side windows was one of the best looking wagons ever made, as was the Vega wagon. I won't even get into the earlier models like this Dodge, because once you go there, nearly all of them are just so, well, dreamy. Oh, I can't forget the Ford Cruising Wagon, with its rainbow stripe and porthole! It doesn't get more groovy than that.

Fucking cheap cell phone camera in the piece of shit RazOr. The picture of the Pantera that Brent took with his iPhone looks a lot better, and it's about 50% larger.

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