Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's a "Seefee"?

Why did the people at the Sci Fi channel forget how to spell? Is it some alien influence or a zombie virus that has eaten away the part of their brains that controls logic and common sense? Why the fuck would they think sci-fi should be spelled Syfy? That looks like "seefee" or "siffee". Maybe they've all been spending too much time texting each other on their RAZRs and MOTOKRZRs. (Really, that's a model. One of the 102 models of cell phones they currently have on their web site. 102. One–hundred two. Cell phone models. WTF. IDTZ.) And did they entirely forget that it's supposed to be shorthand for "science fiction", the main focus of their programming?

See? I'm totally going to be old Clint Eastwood, surrounded by a world of dumb bastards.

We had a nice day, but didn't have much to do. We drove up to Wayzata to look for a drive–in restaurant that somebody told us about, but didn't know the name or location. Couldn't find it. Neighbor Bruce later told us what and where; the Minnetonka Drive–in. The menu looks fantastic. I want a tenderloin sandwich now. I'd also try their sloppy joe and pizzaburger.

Anyhoo, we ended up going to Excelsior on the way back and just sitting on a bench by the lake, watching the boats and dogs. Dogs love parks by a lake. One young black lab was having a blast swimming out to retrieve a tennis ball. Stopped by the little "trolly" snack stand and got a big pretzel and a Pepsi. Came back home and watered Geoff's sod while they're out of town. For supper we went to Baker's Ribs. I'd been hankerin' for their pork sandwiches ever since they were closed on Memorial Day. I was not disappointed.

I also offloaded my old AirPort Extreme base station. Thanks Greg!

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