Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CDs Are In

UPS just delivered our demo discs. Wouldn't you know it, the gradients in the artwork didn't print correctly. One of them did. Others look posterized. And the easiest one to render—a straight linear gradient from one color to another—turned out a solid color. And I bet I know why. Because pdf sucks. That's what the place wanted. That's what everybody wants these days, thinking it's the best file format ever. Creator has always had trouble reading and producing pdfs that work with everything. Why? Because pdf sucks. Oh well, at least the fucked up gradients didn't ruin the whole thing or make parts unrecognizable. And the music turned out correctly.

Original art:

Actual CD (the green's off too, but I knew it would be):

1 comment:

Leo said...

Too bad about the artwork. Send me a cd!