Friday, July 10, 2009

This Just In: Microsoft Still Annoying

I finally got my AirPort network reconfigured to work with everything again. I still need 802.11g compatibility for Kim's iPod touch and the stupid Xbox wireless adapter, which also can't do WPA2. But I did change the channel to 11, since it was using 1 and so is the new neighbor across the street, and the one next door is on 6.

Microsoft is still sending me 2 copies of the useless MSDN discs. But I'll put some of the blame on our managers and the people they told to renew our MSDN subscriptions last time. They just went out and bought new MSDN boxes, not renewals. And they did it for everyone, even though my and somebody else's weren't due to expire yet. One of them is about to expire again, which brings me to third annoying Microsoftism.

Somehow, those crafty bastards got my cell phone number and have been leaving messages about renewing on it. I'll get in my truck once or twice a week and turn my phone on in case Kim needs something, and there'll be a message waiting on it. I've never given it to them, and I barely give it to anyone else for that matter. Then the other day I was just going to get a stack of dual–layer DVD+Rs, had the phone on, and it rang. Guess who. I told them they should not have that number and to remove it from their db.

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