Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neighborhood Excitement

Goddamnit! Today I decided I'd take my glasses back and get measured for bifocals. The trip only took an hour, but when I got back, the cul de sac had a bunch of vehicles in it. Unmarked law vehicles, driven by mostly unmarked lawmen, except for a few vests and jackets with POLICE or SHERIFF on the back. One kid—maybe between 17 and 21—was sitting on the street behind a car. I called Carolyn to get the scoop, since she's right next door to where the action was and has a great view out her front window. Looks like a drug bust. One kid has always been a stoner, and I guess he must be much more than that to have that many cops show up. She said they all came in very SWAT–like. He graduated a year or two ago and hasn't really been around very much at all since then. Dunno what he was doing here today. Maybe just using the place to make a deal, since Carolyn said that the kid sitting on the street showed up after all the cops were here, so he must not be that bright, otherwise he would've casually turned around and left. Typical dumbass stoner.

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