Friday, July 10, 2009

Popular Science 1950

Cool. Google has old magazines online, like this Popular Science from February 1950. It's referred to as a "book monthly" in the first letter. It's close to 300 pages. What's surprising to me is that the advertising ratio rivals and surpasses that of today. The first 98 pages are ads, many full–page. At least they're more interesting than today's magazine ads:

Raise hamsters!

Learn how to hypnotize


Don't miss the article on page 156 about how they build Butler grain bins (in Enterprise, IA). There's also "Cones of Silence" on 157. Good thing KAOS didn't subscribe or they'd've had them before CONTROL did. Also, "Spot–Welding on Your Drill Press" on 230. That one made me stop and look at the pictures.

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torgo said...

Things sure were different 60 years ago. Or maybe I don't know what all these words mean. But it really creeps me out, and I thought these kinds of porn movies were more controlled:

"Fistula May Often Result From Piles" (Page 56)