Monday, July 6, 2009

Fred Travawhosits?

Fred Travalena died. Don't remember him? I'm not surprised. He was the world's corniest, most unfunny impressionist. He was on Match Game a few times. Every time it would be his turn, he'd do an impression, and he's always start out by saying "this is Ronald Reagan, and, well…" or "this is Muhammad Ali, and I'm the greatest." Either he was an idiot, or he knew his impressions were so bad that nobody would know who he was trying to do, so he felt he had to tell us. Ugh. Good riddance.


brent said...

daing, dude. that was a little harsh. ... and don't forget the Love Boat!

Armpit Studios said...

If it makes it any better, Fred can make fun of me when I die.