Monday, July 27, 2009

That Was a Summer Day

Fanfuckingtastic day yesterday, weather–wise; hot, dryish, sunny, nice breeze. We sat on the deck for a while, trimmed up some overgrown shrubs, went to Dairy Queen, had a nice drive in the "country" down to Halla Nursery to get a bag of bark chips and put that around a few plants that currently had only river rock around, but looked like they needed a little extra moisture retention. Also relocated the solar landscape lights out front. They were right at the edge of the sidewalk, and I was always worried that the one on the corner would get kicked by someone.

Kim wanted shrimp on the barby for supper, so we stopped at Byerly's on the way home from Halla. She needed some bamboo skewers, which come in a package of 100. Good luck using those up in our lifetime, even if they are disposable. She made a marinade that sounded pretty good. I had a hot dog cuz I only like shrimp in small quantities.

That weekend did not suck. I ended up with a slight sunburn on my shoulders from the yard work.

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