Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Gig

The gig last night was pretty good. It's a private club that is trying to get more income and/or people to join or something, so they're trying to get more live music. Easy load–in, tiny stage only big enough for my drums and a couple amps, horrible sounding room. The walls are all concrete, the room is pretty much rectangular except for one corner, and there's nothing to break up the sound one bit. Basically, it's like the inside of a poorly designed speaker cabinet. But the people really had a blast and like our music. We had 4 new tunes; Keep Your Hands to Yourself (I sing that one), Steppin' Stone, Heartbreaker, and Slow Ride. That last one absolutely kicked their ass.

We all went to breakfast afterward at a Perkins, which had a security guard standing around. I'm so glad I live in the suburbs, where my garage door can be left open all day long. We can even go for a walk and leave all the doors open and not worry one iota.

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