Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Receiver Receiving Again

Got our receiver back from the shop today. He ran it through all sorts of stuff and couldn't get the problem to happen. The ticket also says he disassembled and reassembled it. I'm guessing that is what fixed it. It's the oldest repair technique in the book, and has worked countless times for me. Remember Clanin's 4–track? Fixed it by opening it up and looking at it.

I plugged everything back in, including the MartinLogans, and tried a bunch of stuff. Seems to be working fine here too. The tech was thinking maybe our center speaker or wire was the problem, since it would switch off when I ran test tones through it. But it seems to be fine. It kinda sucked to just look at those speakers for the past couple weeks and not use them. When I looked for something to test tonight, there was an Elvis Costello concert on Palladia, a gorgeous HD music channel. And just now there's an old Joe Jackson concert on BBC Crown Jewels on VH1 Classic. Two flavors that go great together.

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brent said...

But I also remember this about Clanin's 4 track: Before we went to fix the 4 track we got out the soldering iron. It did not work so we took it apart and looked at it and that fixed it. Then we took the 4 track apart and looked at that. We have magic powers!