Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dog n Suds Found

We went out to an apple orchard yesterday, Jim's Apple Farm (you can look at somebody else's photos). More correctly, it's an old barn that's been turned into a place to sell apples and lots of other stuff, like pumpkins, Indian corn, bundles of corn stalks, and gourds, plus lots and lots of food, mostly things made by small home–cookin' suppliers like jams, candies, etc. We stopped there once before on the way back from her sister's last year I think. They also bake their own pies and other things there. We got a small apple studel, which made me go around talking like Sgt. Schultz when we got home and had some.

Near the registers were a bunch of coolers full of pop—lots of varieties of stuff you don't normally find. And there Kim spied lots of bottles of Dog n Suds root beer. I lunged for them like there were the last bottles on Earth. I later enjoyed one out on our stupid small front porch after I washed the MN/IA/IL bugs off the front of my truck.

I just noticed how the wheels on my truck look huge and the tires look like some dumbass low profile ricer boy tires. It's just an optical illusion caused by the soft focus. I haven't gone insane.

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