Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

Kim got me the album for my birthday. It kicks ass all sorts of ways. Lots of neat experimentation with moving the beat around while other instruments carry on. I used to hate Dave Grohl, but I'm digging the drum parts he comes up with. You can definitely hear John Paul Jones' Led Zeppelin influence in some of the stuff, like Elephants and Scumbag Blues. And Josh is all over everything. Yay for that. He makes cool sounds. Go listen. Now, you bastard!

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Leo said...

Hey, happy belated B-day. I knew it was the same day as the folks anniversary, but guess I forgot this year. Silly me.

Love the Foo Fighters. Who'da thunk the dumbass drummer for Nirvana would be such a cool musician. He can play guitar well, hold his own on the drums, write good songs, and sing well.