Sunday, December 6, 2009

More New Tunes

Had practice today and worked up Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting and Holiday. Kinda of a weird combination, when you think about it. A gay man singing about fighting, and a punk band singing about not fighting. Or something.


Leo said...

SNAFF would be a fun song to do. How do you handle the big slide/noise/keyboardy thingy before the chorus?

We've been doing 'Crocodile Rock' for the longest time and I'm quite sick of it. Unfortunately, it seems to go over well with a wide sploth (warning: made up word alert) of some audiences, so we keep it in the set list.

Armpit Studios said...

I think we've chosen to ignore the slide thingy. :) If anybody ends up missing it, it'll be Andy, and he'll find a way to make that sounds on his guitar.

Brown Eyed Girl is our Crocodile Rock. Hate that fucking song. It's so cheesy. Yet it's the one that packs the dance floor. I just wanna smack the audience sometimes.