Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Won a Veyron!

Sadly, I can't touch it. It exists only as 1s and 0s. I also can't paint the 2nd color (the red area). Slight bug in their car painting editor that you can't change the 2nd color of a 2–tone paint job. But I made the best of it and added the trippy purple wingy stuff. Sick? You bet. And it goes like bat shit. Sure, ya gotta start braking half a mile out. After upgrading parts to just a couple points below R2, I used it in an R3 race in New York (the old track with long straights) and lapped every car before the end of the 12th lap.

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brent said...

Man, I want! I am not so sure about the Partridge Family paint scheme, but DAMN. Don't drive it into a lake.