Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Stevie Vai

I TiVo'd a Steve Vai concert on Palladia (a great channel to watch HD music) and watched it the other night. It was just an hour's worth of a Blu–ray/DVD/CD he has out called Where the Wild Things Are (nothing to do with the book/movie), recorded in Minneapolis in 2007. What a powerhouse of talent he still is. All the technical wizardry humanly possible, and loads of feeling. He can convey emotion so much better than Clapton. I just don't get why so many guitarists think Clapton is god. He mostly bores me. This band had 2 keyboardists who also played violin, one of them an incredibly cute Asian chick. My oh my. That's the stuff right there. Although plenty talented, I didn't dig the drummer so much; all tattooed, shirtless, and fauxhawk.

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