Saturday, December 5, 2009

Planets Are Creepy

Ever wonder what a planet sounds like? Me neither. But it turns out it's a cool mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet (yeah, I own that), and Rush's 2112 and Cygnux X–1. NASA made recordings of the electromagnetic waves as Voyager flew by.

Speaking of Rush, Exit Stage Right was pretty good. The guitarist and bass player were both amazing. The keyboardist played everything exactly right and was really fun to watch. He loves himself some Rush. The drummer did a pretty good job, but—no pun intended here—rushed the hell out of a lot of stuff and lost his place a bunch of times. They don't play live much, so it could be nerves. He looked kinda like a skinny John C. Reilly. I only stayed for about 4 Zed Leppelin songs, not being a big fan. They were also really good. Much tighter than ESR, but then they play a lot I guess. They do the Led Zeppelin persona thing—wigs and stuff. I think that's kinda lame. Just play the fucking music. The drummer had the same amazing right foot that Bonham had, did those flurry of quick doubles in Good Times Bad Times that you can hear in the beginning of the iTunes clip. Wish my foot could do that.

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