Saturday, December 12, 2009

Forza Stuff

Datsun beater. I just remembered that 101 was KKRQ, now KQCR. Gotta redo the bumper sticker. I wish they'd add flat paint.

Spotted this while watching a replay at Le Mans. I don't think I'd wanna lick that ice cream.

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Leo said...

It's still KKRQ. The Fox. 100.7 FM. Plays heavy rotation classic rock. You can hear Boston darn near every time you turn on the station. It's basically worthless, unless you enjoy hearing the same 2 hits from every band.

KQCR is something else entirely. It's a local station in Parkersburg.

Yep, radio continues to suck in Eastern Iowa. KISS FM in Ottumwa is the only really listenable station around, and they don't play much new stuff.