Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super Groovy Gig

Here's what I love about this photo:

  • The finish on the drums (can't tell if it's pink sparkle or champagne sparkle).
  • The drummer has dropped a stick.
  • The crash cymbal stand is very close to falling off the stage.
  • The drum rug is some early type of shag.
  • The singer's hair. (That'll show those uptight squares!)
  • There's another stage for another band. I wonder if they both jammed together at the end.
  • Somebody decided that wrapping the stages with burlap would look nice.
  • And of course, the big ass, bitchin' Kustom PA speaker.

1 comment:

brent said...

• the guitar player is going to move his and knock out the drummer's teeth with the mic.
• could not afford a bass player since they blew the money they made at Taco Bell on matching shirts.