Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fiddlin' Around

Kim's wanted a violin for as long as I've known her. She's always wanted to dink around on one to see what it's like to play. Me too. So we found a cheap used one at Music Go Round today. A Karl Knilling from Germany. Actually, it's a 12" viola, so I think the size is more akin to a violin, but its sound must be warmer like a viola. I dunno. Man, the notes are really close together on that little fingerboard. Now I see why it takes so much patience and commitment to play bowed instruments. There's so much going on.

We were looking at everything else they had and wandered into the acoustic guitar room. I've been wanting one the past few months. I ended up not liking the classical guitar I got a few years ago as much as I thought I would. I always used to like playing on them, but now I'd rather have the steel string sound. So I ended up getting a used Ibanez they had there. I just wanted something cheapish and nothing fancy, although this one has lots of perks, like the electronics and built–in tuner.

Went over and helped Geoff fix their invisible fence today, which got broken when they had some yard work done. He found the 2 places where he knew the tracks of the Bobcat excavator ripped up the ground. We fixed the breaks in the wire there, but that didn't fix it. He also had a new driveway put in and was hoping it wasn't broken under there. For the helluvit, I suggested we just tug on the wires that we fixed and see if any of them pulled out. Luckily, that did the trick. The final break was only about a foot from one of the others. Yeeha!

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