Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magic Mouse

Apple has a new mouse that combines a multi–touch trackpad with a mouse. It doesn't do much that you can't already do with a 4–button scrollwheel mouse (although it can do horizontal scrolling without having to reach for the shift key if you don't have a Mighty Mouse). It's just sleeker. It's so flat; I wonder if that is worse on the hand and wrist. At least it no longer has those horrible side squeeze buttons like the Mighty Mouse has. Those would inevitably fire off that function if you were lifting the mouse while playing a frenzied game or something like that. And no more gunk in the tiny Mighty Mouse scrollball, although I never use mine enough to get any build–up (it's on the old G5 to my right here that only gets fired up when I need to debug on 10.4 or PPC, or to archive my MultiAd mail).

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