Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Microsoft Sucks; Reason 17,492,039,845

I've been working on changing how we draw text selections on Windows. I had a bunch of source windows open, trying to keep track of where stuff is. Windows decides it has an update (Really? A Windows update?). Every few minutes it would pop up an annoying window telling me that I should restart to apply the update, or wait and do it later. I guess "do it later" really means "keep annoying me every 5 minutes with your stupid window, and if I don't reply to your stupid window, go ahead and restart anyway because Bill Gates knows what's best for me." So while I'm in the kitchen heating up lunch, the fucker decided that—right in the middle of a build—my work is not very important, so it restarted. Thanks, you stupid fuckers. You couldn't design an OS if your life depended on it. Go away. Go work in a ditch. That's really all you can handle. And in the case of Steve Balmer, even that would be too much for him. He should be working at a zoo, flinging his poop at people. That's about his speed, and he already looks the part, the freak.

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