Thursday, October 1, 2009

Music Never Rusts

Metal audio conductors weren't good enough. Thankfully, we can now use liquid wires. I suppose now the audiophiles will be keeping their listening rooms temperature controlled as well, because there's probably some optimal temperature at which the liquid conducts electricity and sounds warmest. The good news is that as soon as their dog chews through the insulation, the conductor will leak out and the whole thing will be useless. They'll probably also sell more of those little stands that hold the wires up off the floor (ya know, because the vibrations in the floor might jostle the electrons in the wires and the whole thing would sound like shit then), because they'll need to keep the liquid even distributed. Don't want too much flowing down to one end and causing a pressure buildup. I'm sure that would make cymbals less shimmery, violins too smokey, and French horns too bitter.

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