Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tony Randall Show

I have a faint memory of this show. Maybe if I could see more episodes… They only made 2 seasons. I thought it was pretty funny. It's not hard to be funny when the star is Tony Randall. His line that comes at about 27:20 is classic Tony Randall. Note his girlfriend judge is the ever–annoying Doctor Pulaski from Star Trek, the one who always mispronounced "Data" as "Datta". The court reporter is a funny guy—played Ralph "you have my permission to marry him" Marolla in Arthur.

It was captured off of 16mm film, which is why it looks like that. It also has a bunch of commercials from that period that are fun to see. "Take the Certs breath test," Wilkinson Sword, and Aviance perfume? Those awoke some brain cells that haven't been active for a while.

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