Friday, October 23, 2009

We're All Cells

If you have about 20 minutes to kill, here's a fascinating film called Organism shot in 1975 by Hilary Harris. It shows NYC in time lapse, the people, the traffic, the boats and air traffic, and equates it to the way organisms move (hence the name). I also love the mesmerizing music. Lots of groovy vintage synth sounds played to great effect. I watched it in sections throughout the day while waiting for builds or email replies.


torgo said...

The voice-overs remind me of Take California. I expect some throbbing drum beat to kick in sometime, but this is way more 70's groovy.

It's weird to think that I was 1 year old when this was made.

Armpit Studios said...

As in Propellerheads?

In '75, I was just starting to play drums, so it'd be some time before I could make a throbbing drum beat.