Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm sorry, but they spell it with a 'z'. It's a nice bar way the hell out in Rockford where we played Saturday. It's one of those places that's split into 2 rooms; one has the bar, TVs, and games, the other has the stage. So, those regulars that don't want to go into the other room and appreciate live music won't. We sure won't get any of our friends or fans out there—way too far to drive. Not a lot of people there either. Really nice people working there though. The sound guy works at the place where we buy our PA and lighting gear. My biggest complaint; no chips! I was starving after the 2nd set. The best they could get me was a basket of tortilla chips. I put some salt on 'em for flavor. They have a green room in the basement. We hung there a little, but it's not like we were being trampled by crazed fans upstairs. We did sign the wall. I drew a sucky looking Martian. Shit, shoulda took a picture.

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