Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Gig

Door's locked—no car chase.

So I was on my way up to Champlin for out gig last night. I was left plenty early to make sure I made it through rush hour traffic, so we could set up at 7 or earlier. Kim called before I got there and relayed a message that we couldn't set up until 7:30 because of the dinner customers. Fuck. The guy who hired us said we could set up at 7. So I got there and checked out the place, since we'd never been there before. The hostess showed me a tiny space they'd cleared out by removing a table or two. There was one outlet. I had no idea where Denny would be able to set up the board. Everybody else showed up later and we went in. They kept seating people at the tables up near the "stage", tables they said they move so we'd have more room. 7:30 rolled around and we asked if we could load in yet. Nope, but as soon as the people at that front table leave we could. That's what the little old Italian lady who's part owner said. 8 comes and goes and we say fuck it and leave. I don't know what the hell they're thinking having music there. It's a really nice looking place with good smelling food. But it's a restaurant, not a live music bar.

So we went down to Mainstreet B&G in Hopkins and saw a good band called The Pearl (whoa, their site really sucks). Chick bass player who also played a near little electric fiddle. Really good and a dynamite stage presence. She played the fiddle on The Devil Went Down to Georgia and Kashmir, which fucking rocked. They also surprised me by playing a Tool song. Nice! The lead guitarist was really good, especially when playing metal type stuff—played Les Pauls through a Mesa Boogie Rect–O–Verb. It was snowing when we left. Not much stuck, but things were a bit white this morning.

I unloaded the truck today. It was still mostly loaded from the weekend before. Drained the hoses. Was going to bring in the rain gauge, but it was already broken from the water in it freezing. The previous one broke when it hailed. Tried to find other things to do outside. It was nice and blustery and it was fun to be out trompin' around in my work boots. Got some chicken breasts and other stuff at Byerly's so we could make that chicken wild rice soup mix that we got at the apple place a while back. Damn, that was good. Nice and herby. We ate 2 servings, refrigerated 2.5, and froze 4. Root beer floats for dessert.

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