Monday, August 31, 2009

Text Substitution

I just noticed a feature that I don't recall seeing in the 10.6 feature list; text substitution, in System Prefs->Language & Text->Text. If you can't remember that option–; produces an ellipsis or option–2 produces a trademark symbol, then you can turn on text substitution (if the app supports it) and then just type 3 periods or "tm" respectively. There've been apps that would do this for you ever since, jeez, System 7 maybe? TypeIt4Me is one. But they didn't always work. Hopefully this will, it being an actual OS feature now. I'll have to think of some things I'd like it to substitute for me, since I already know most of the option key chars.

Still waiting for iStat Menus to get updated for 10.6 so I can install it on the rest of the Macs.

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