Monday, August 24, 2009

Peoria—Still Sounds Like a Gum Disease

The road trip was pretty good. This is the first time I've had someone else with me. It didn't make the trip go any faster, but it was less boring. Those last couple hours once you get into Illinois always suck.

When I get back home, I need to debug the receiver. Damn thing is shutting off after a few seconds while watching Blu–ray. Listening to radio is fine. Watching satellite is fine, except some channels. It almost sounds like a problem with some audio or video throughput. Dunno, but it pisses me off. Perhaps I cooked some chip by having it in the cabinet. It does get pretty hot, but I assumed it was OK because the cabinet has all sorts of slots for cooling in the bottom and shelves. At first I thought it was the electrostats causing the problem and feared the receiver was too weak to handle them. But then I plugged in the old speakers instead and the problem persisted.

If you're reading this on Tuesday, think of me and how boring some of the meetings are. And if you think hard enough, maybe you can transport me back home. I'd appreciate it!

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