Monday, August 17, 2009

Françoise Hardy

My speakers are here! Got them hooked up and will be blasting music through them during the day to get them broken in. (Also need to get the atoms all lined up in the cables, ya know. Now where'd I put my $1200 power cable burn–in–er?)

Saw a different video by this beautiful, sexy French chick. I've heard the name, but this is the first time I've seen or heard her sing. I'm not sure what she's singing about, but I don't really care. She's gorgeous. This was probably late '60s or early '70s. Hot even by today's standards.

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torgo said...

New speakers, eh? What about those old words of wisdom (I don't remember if it's from the Bible, or something Plato said), "Don't waste your money on a new set of speakers, you get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers."

Plus, you don't need a fancy electron-burn-in device with shoes. ;)