Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gigantic Hair

The most recent exhibition at Square America is a collection of hairdos at one salon around the turn of the '60s/'70s decade. Not just any hairdos, but big, enormous hairdos with lots of plantlife and other props in them. They defy gravity. The cans of hairspray for just one of them probably did more to deplete the ozone layer than all the cars in the state. The woman with the large playing cards doesn't look too thrilled with what she must now be seen with.

I dig the chrome dryers, orange chairs, the floor, and the sunburst clock. They must've done a booming business with all those dryers. But then back in those days, tons of women of all ages would get a weekly shampoo and set, and those chairs were full and the gossip in the air was thick as pea soup.

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