Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sister Visit

We had a nice time with my sister visiting over the weekend. Took her to Excelsior and Hopkins, ate at Smashburger and Maynard's. It's OK there. Valets, pretty good menu (I had a Cuban, which was pretty fucking good), huge patio if you want to eat out there and look at the lake. The people watching is really interesting. Lots and lots of snooty rich people; bitchy women and asshole men. When we were snaking our way through the people to go outside, I apparently missed some woman who was showing about 6" of underwear above the back of her pants. Deb and Kim saw it. Bright pink I think. Not a thong, but regular panties or even granny panties, judging by how high up they went.

Not for an absolutely sucky week as I head to Peoria for a complete waste of time, then Kim goes to NY after I get back.

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