Monday, August 17, 2009

RC Rocket Launcher

Here's a really fun video. Not only does the guy have a seriously cool camera and head–mounted monitor and controller (yup, he pans the camera by turning his head), but he also mounted some rockets to the little plane and recorded the flight. Great fucking song too. Rammstein are so good.

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brent said...

You KNOW we would have done that in Keota if they had the stuff back then. I did mount a camera on top of my rc plane last summer. I only flew once with that mounted and was so worried that I would forget to do something with the plane, that I forgot to turn the video on. It did not pan though.
the rc plane mary got me for christmas is pretty cool. battery powered and very stable. It just has to be a really calm day or it gets blown away. I need to go do that some more.