Monday, August 3, 2009

Anybody Else Sick of Twitter?

It can go away now. It's the latest craze for people with the attention span of fly on speed. And naturally, it's being used in all the wrong ways. Yes, retail and manufacturing companies are using it for who the fuck knows what reason. Like Zildjian. What do they have to tweet about? "Just got back from the lathing shop and man is there a lot of brass on the floor." "Some molten brass splashed onto the floor and it looked like jesus." Those are just my guesses, cuz I'm not going to even go to a Twitter site unless it's absolutely necessary.

One of our close neighbors said that another neighbor woman in the other cul de sac we'll call "Connie" tweets all day long. This is a woman who's always the loudest at any get together, talks constantly, acts like she's a real big deal, and now has one of those horrible, harsh hairdos like that bitch on that stupid show about the idiots with 8 kids. Maybe when she's home alone all day, there's nobody to listen to her, so she has to spew it out for the rest of the world to read because she won't shut up for 3 seconds. Twit[ter] is right.

Whew. Looks like I dodged the going–to–Peoria bullet this week, and I'm on vacation next week. We're trying to talk them into getting into the 21st Century and getting a video conference going rather than waste all that time, money, and fuel to get the 2 of us down there for a 1–day meeting. It's just so lame that, in this day and age, people feel we need to be in the same room in order to brainstorm and whatnot. The 2 travel days is a huge waste of our time and gas. Save money—save the company. Simple.

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Leo said...

I don't see much use for Twitter. Who cares about 99% of the crap that goes on it.

I can't see texting what I'm doing to anyone, either.

Tried it for a bit....didn't see any use.