Saturday, August 29, 2009

Really? Fall Already?

Man, it's chilly today. First day of the season that the weather made me wear pants. Goddamnit.

We dropped off the receiver today, then headed to the Ridgedale Apple store. Had a nice old guy helping us. Musta been 75 or so. Nice to see somebody like that in there. I also picked up 10.6 while I was there—I almost forgot about it being out today. I've installed it on the MacBook Pro so far, but think I will hold off until some 3rd party shit gets updated, like iStat Menus. It doesn't load in 10.6. It's also goofy the way Apple made the System Preferences quit and relaunch if you try to use a 32–bit panel. Maybe it will prompt tons of users to bug the fuck out of developers that haven't released a 64–bit version of the pref pane.

I also got her Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. She wanted Barracuda. I like that it has a bunch of really good songs, like Caught in a Mosh, Them Bones, Godzilla, Mother, The Trooper, Cult of Personality, Cowboys from Hell (although I wish it was Walk instead), No One Knows, Psychobilly Freakout, Woman, and… wait for it… YYZ. I don't play it much, but the other night we were trading back and forth and I thought I'd try some song on the hardest level. Fuck! Lots of right hand slides and stuff on the special slidy area of the neck. But I didn't do too bad. I kept getting my left fingers out of position when I'd go up to the 5th "fret". Sorta fun. Looking forward to Forza Motorsport 3 this fall.

Baked her a birthday cake this afternoon. French vanilla with cherry frosting. I even decorated it. Drew a goofy little cartoon cat for the helluvit, and shook on some red sprinkles. I'm so Julia Child.

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torgo said...

Hey, we were at the Ridgedale Apple store today too! I wanted a DVI-to-video cable, but all they have is the stupid miniDVI-to-video ones. Can't a prior-generation Mac Mini get some love at a retail store? I ended up ordering one with my up-to-date Snow Leopard order.

Sounds like Snow Leopard's going to make me rebuild my Login Sounder pref pane, eh? Does it really need to be 64 bit just to let the user select a different sound to play at login? Bleh!

Keep me informed as to how it works with Retrospect. The Mac Mini's going to be our backup server now, so I'll be upgrading to 8.x pretty soon!