Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Rain

OK, so we haven't had much rain this Summer. But one solid day of it is enough. More sun, please.

My sister's coming up to visit for the weekend. Should get here tonight, hopefully after rush hour. I doubt she's driven in heavy traffic since she left Tulsa many years ago, but I'm sure she and her little truck can handle it.

I was hoping this week would've been more busy at work, after a week–long vacation. I'm waiting for the guys in the home office to finish their part of the work, which has to be done before I can do the rest of it. But it's been taking them months. I'm not used to having to wait for others to finish projects like this. I'm usually the one that designs and codes new features and such, and I do it very quickly, so I'm going nuts waiting and wondering why this is taking so long. And I get waaay too few progress updates. Arg.

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Leo said...

Say 'hi' to the big sis for me. Haven't seen her for a while.