Friday, August 28, 2009

Cooked Amps and Tiny WiFi Hotspots

Kim's in NY for a couple days. She called and bitched about the internet connectivity of the supposedly high class hotel she's in. There's nothing in the rooms. In the lobby is a certain chair that can get a wireless connection, but not reliably. There's also something where you pay like $10 for 5 minutes to use. What a bunch of shit. Even the AmericInn in podunk Peoria had free wireless throughout the hotel.

Our Marantz receiver has been acting up ever since the MartinLogans got hooked up. Not right away, but after a couple days of running the radio through them during the afternoon at a reasonable volume to help them get broken in. Now it shuts down when the volume knob gets past a certain level. I tried switching out the MLs for the old Definitives, but it still happens. Also tried unhooking the other channels one by one to see if one was shorted out or something. So I called Stereoland and he surmised that, since the MLs' high section goes down to around 2Ω that perhaps the Marantz is not handling that heavy of a load so well, and might've cooked something during the extended sessions. The manual lists 8Ω and 6Ω power ratings. At least it has a 3–year warranty and I've had it for exactly 1 year minus 3 days, so I'll take 'er in for fixin'. I'll drop it off tomorrow while we're on Kim's iPhone birthday present shopping trip. But, I have a hunch it will happen again after a short time. Fuck. My only option would be to get another 2–channel amp to use for the MLs. I'm guessing something that can deliver good, clean power to 2Ω ain't gonna be cheap. I know; I'll build a Heathkit amp! Then I'll build these speakers and sell the electrostats!

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