Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The new microwave was delivered yesterday and, with the help of Geoff, lifted it into place that evening. The one on display in the store didn't have a timer button. I thought that was really odd. All microwaves since the beginning of time have a timer. But we figured we could get by using the one on the stove and a manual dingy one, although neither allows you to do seconds. Turns out, everybody bitched and LG ended up putting a timer button on this model at some point. They simply moved the Start button to the left and added the Timer button there. Easy as cake.

Man, it's only 200 watts more powerful than the old one (1100 vs. 900), but the old one must've been worn out or something. To test it today, I cooked a hot dog with the Hot Dog button. Man, was that fast. Now we'll have to get used to cooking things for less time or on a lower power.

Whoever installed the previous microwave was a complete Gomer. I'm guessing it was the previous owner. He seemed like he'd have a hard time figuring out how to work a hammer. There were 2 holes drilled through the bottom of the upper cabinet where 2 large bolts go through to secure the oven in place. It looks like he held a beaver up there and had it chomp through the cabinet. The holes are about 5 times too big and are nowhere near circular. So I had to add some big ass washers to make sure the bolt head never pulls through.

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