Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas and Stuff

We sold our weight machine, which freed up a bunch of space in the basement. We'd thought about getting rid of it for the past few years, but since some of the band complained about not having enough space (how much space do you need to sit around and play a guitar?), we actually made a half–hearted effort to find it a home. A guy that Kim works with bought it. $100. Cheap. I eventually want to insulate and panel a couple walls in that area. It'd keep it a tad bit warmer in the Winter and give me something to tack my old posters up to. Give it sort of a retro feel down there.

I also threw out the old Peavey speaker cabinet that I'd used as my monitor for so many years. It was part of the Black Diemond PA back in high school. It was stored in the shed at our old house and the mice ate most of the speaker cones and deposited it back as mouse poop. Here it is in the mid–80s still with one (possibly) working piezo tweeter. It fit perfectly into our garbage can. Still had remnants of an "I brake for beer at The Pub" bumper sticker on the back. *sniff* I wonder where its mate is. Anyone?

Got maybe 3" of snow last night, so I did the majority of the driveway entrances and mailboxes again. I thought about doing the new neighbors' driveway, but I thought I'd better not in case they're the type who are all anal about it and don't want it scratched up, so I just did the snowplow pile at the end.

Kim & I had xmas tonight. She got me some things I'd had in my Amazon wish list for quite a while, including this cool Emergency! book and a new Joe Jackson live album. I saw a bit of the performance on a "coming attractions" segment on HD–NET I think, and wanted to hear more. It also includes the DVD. Bonus! She also picked out a nice Nikon camera bag. No more broken UV filters for me. I still have my aluminum camera case, but that's not something I want to carry around these days; too bulky.

I also baked and decorated a cake for Dad's bday, which is the 31st. We'll celebrate it during xmas. Perhaps I'll take a picture of it, if I think it won't damage the image sensor because of its horribleness. A cake artist I ain't.

Merry ho ho and stuff.


Leo said...

Don't know where the other one is. Boy, those have seen some use, eh? Remember when we used to put them in the back of my car?

Armpit Studios said...

Hell yeah! Or on the roof of my station wagon on the way to school, probably cranking the live Kinks tape.