Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wendy O'Hathaway?

So Anne Hathaway is either a weirdo sort of prude or very funny. If you're going to wear a shirt that is see–through under the bright light of a camera flash, a woman's choices are A) wear a bra or camisole or B) give everyone a thrill. But Anne chose to put tape or Band–Aids over her nipples. I've never been a woman with big luscious tits, but I'm pretty sure sticking something to your nipples would be far less comfortable than a good quality bra, especially when it comes time to remove it.

Or, maybe she did it as a joke, because she knew the cameras would be out (this was taken at some premier, award ceremony, or other type of public appearance), kind of a "ha ha! You thought you'd see my nipples!" Or she's a big Plasmatics or Missing Persons fan.

Or maybe she didn't think her shirt was see–through and only did it to keep her nipples from popping out? Naw. Black usually hides the pokies.

Click for big tits. And I still say she mostly looks like a nerd. OK, only above the neck is nerdsville.

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