Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Electronic Shower

Within the last year or two I've seen a Kohler commercial for a digital shower control with presets for each user. I had that idea back in 1991, and I made a q&d app to illustrate the concept. I guess I didn't know how to do color QuickDraw at the time (which seems odd), so I used patterns of various darkness to correspond to temperature, and the spray width corresponds to water pressure. It also looks like I spent more time on the About box than the UI. Heh. Ah, SuperPaint, how I miss thee.

See, I've always been annoyed by shower controls that are really touchy and have to be turned in the slightest increments to achieve your desired water temperature. I want to be able to punch a button, and within a couple minutes (it's a long run from the water heater) be able to step into the perfect shower. If it's much colder in the bathroom that day, a couple clicks of the Temp+ button would fix that. Anyway, the smart bastards at Kohler beat me to the final product. And theirs is in color.

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L said...

That's funny. And it's also evident that you used to have too much time on your hands....