Monday, December 8, 2008


I wish I was 14. Seems like I had the time to do stuff like this then. Time I should've spent doing homework. Now I never feel like messing with stuff like this. Dunno why.

That little demo is very close to what I wanted to do with my drums. I wanted to mount solenoids (I called them doorbell ringers back then, cuz I saw how they worked when I took Mom & Dad's apart) on every drum and cymbal, then trigger them from a wireless controller, possibly with triggers mounted in clothing. Mick Fleetwood did the clothing–as–instrument thing. I was so disappointed when I saw him do it—why not somebody good? But my idea came before electronics and MIDI was widespread. Can't find a video of him doing it. (Golly darn!) But this kid made DrumPants! Too bad his timing sucks. Maybe he's Jack's nephew.


torgo said...

I bet his neighbors hate him. Especially the ones directly above and below, where those pipes he's bangin' on run through.

Other than his really crappy camera work, I have nothing against him, personally.

Leo said...

Nice. That does seem like something you would do.