Monday, December 15, 2008

Step Stool

I started a quick & dirty project yesterday, a little step stool for our closet so it's easier to stack the clothes on the top shelf without everything falling back down. They key feature is that the bottom is smooth and the edges are rounded over so you can easily slide it to where you want it with your foot. The problem is, the carpet and pad give quite a bit, so it might be too. But like I said, it's just a Q&D with the top and bottom made from pieces of scrap 3/4” oak glued up into a panel that I've had around for years, and some shitty 1/2" plywood forming the vertical sides. That way, if it sucks, I can have fun busting it up with a hammer and throw it out. What might work better is if the each corner had a large, smooth foot. Cuz the way it is now is more like a single huge center foot. Unicycles don't stand up so good.

God damn it's cold. I shoveled the little bit of very dry snow we got yesterday. It was up to -3° when I did that before lunch. Tonight's low will be -17°. I should go xmas shopping tomorrow and/or Wednesday. That'll suck, but at least Eden Prairie Center has that little ramp now, which is a good place to park to avoid most of the wind. It's insane to build malls in cold climates without parking ramps. Old Capital Center in Iowa City has a fantastic ramp, is centrally located to all the students and residents, and has been there for decades. The new and stupid Coral Ridge Center out in Coralville has no ramp and is out in the middle of the fucking sticks, so it must be colder'n hell if you have to park way out there. Dumbasses. Tear it down.


Leo said...

Yeah the design of the Coral Ridge was really wasteful of land,etc. And the parking does suck.

brent said...

Stove, did you know there are very few stores left in the Old Cap mall? The University leases a huge chunk of it for the business office now.
WTF is up with parking lots now? The one at the Coral Ridge sucks. The new Menards sucks. Is that a trend? I think they did Menards so that it is impossible to bring a semi in. The one at Coral Ridge is dumb as hell. I almost got crushed by a truck coming around one of those corners once.

Armpit Studios said...

How sad for Old Capital. An era has ended. Sure, the Coralville strips sure looks nice now, but big deal. They could've freshened the strip without building that stupid mall in a corn field. Dumb fucking bastards. Who owns that, the mob? Hippies? One JDAM could easily solve the problem.