Friday, December 12, 2008

Smelly Cat

Last night our singer Emily had her first gig as a member of an acoustic duo with Gina Frances from Orange Whip. The rest of Turnstyle showed up. I moved a slider or twisted a knob here and there, but with only acoustic guitar, keyboard, and 2 vocal mics, there wasn't much engineering to do after the first few songs. Their voices blended very nicely together, even though they have radically different styles.

They played in a bar/restaurant (Oak City in Bloomington) in the first floor of a office tower. Nice atmosphere and the sound system is even tied into the dozens of ceiling speakers. It actually didn't suck, sound-wise. But seeing a female acoustic act like that instantly made me think of Phoebe on Friends, so I had Smelly Cat going through my head between songs. And now—if my plan worked—it's in your head too. Mwuhahah.

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torgo said...

Unfortunately, Smelly Cat lives in our basement. Tira's mouth is the mouth of death, and her lack of good grooming makes things even worse.

Please don't ask her to sing.